5 essential car gadgets that every parents need for their vehicles

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Here are some gadgets that parents should equip for their car to make their driving with kids more easily.

When you’re a parent, the opportunities to drive in peace decrease substantially; one day you’re driving and you have the radio all to yourself, but when you have kids, you just want to switch it off altogether so as to lessen the noise in the cabin. On the flipside, you will get to appreciate the increased space in an SUV or MPV, unlike the cramped quarters that will only fit four people at most in a sedan or hatchback.

If you know exactly what we’re talking about, then you must be a parent that’s been in a car made with features that will only cater to single people. Considering making the switch to a more family-friendly set of wheels. Then Philkotse.com has a few car features that you might want to take a look at.

1. Built-in vacuum

Can you just imagine one day with kids in a room that stays tidy? Nope, we didn’t think so, either. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home to pick up the crumbs, pieces of paper, and who-knows-what-else they play with, then we're sure you'd love the idea of a vacuum in the car. Also, you can never bargain with kids to “wait until we get there and then you can eat”, it’s always they eat or you lose your focus from driving. There are also circumstances when play time in the family vehicle is what they need. Next thing you know, you’re going to have to pick up those scattered pieces of glitter and paper from all over their seats. 

How a Built-In Vacuum Helps:

  • Picks up food pieces and crumbs.
  • Conveniently removes dirt that causes annoying car odors.

Built in vacuum in the car

  An onboard vacuum cleaner can be used to pick up food pieces and crumbs from snacking during the trip

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2. Multimedia section

How often do you need to play your kid’s favorite nursery rhyme? Will your eldest child calm his temper when he gets to play his favorite online game? If connectivity and entertainment are what your kids need, then a complete multimedia section is a must. Add onboard Wi-Fi connectivity and they should leave you alone long enough for you to get to your destination.

How multimedia section will help:

  • It will keep your kids entertained.
  • You can listen to the news, weather updates and traffic reports if you need a heads up on your travels.

Multimedia section

The multimedia section will keep your kids entertained

3. Driver Assistance Systems

Remember your driving lessons telling you that you should focus on the road when driving? Well, the more kids you have in the car, the harder it is to do it. Good thing that an increasing number of modern cars now come with a driver assistance system.

Driver Assistance system refers to the over-all smart technology that makes your car safer. This includes radars, cameras, blind-spot monitors, collision detectors and the like. These features act as an extra measure of safety in the event of imminent danger. This is best appreciated especially if some of your attention is on Junior’s story about his perfect exam score.

How drive assistance systems help:

  • It can call your attention to possible danger.
  • Cruise control lets you save on gas by keeping the engine at constant speed.
  • Parking assist features make use of cameras and sensors, helping you maneuver easily in tight spots.
  • Comprehensive GPS helps you get around the city and can help you find alternative routes when you need them.

Driving assistance system

Driver assistance system refers to the over-all smart technology that makes your car a safer mode of transport

4. Side window sunshades

Everyone who has ridden in the backseat on a summer morning has experienced getting their eyelids pierced with bright sunlight. This is aside from the fact that you can also feel the heat on your cheeks, your arms and your legs.

If this sounds unbearable to you as an adult, imagine how kids must feel, threatening your sanity unless their demand to be comfortable is addressed promptly. Window shades can help reduce some of the heat and are sold in a variety of configurations that suit practically every car model.

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How side window sunshades help:

  • It keeps the car’s occupants shielded from the sun’s rays.
  • It also keeps the car’s interior considerably protected from sun damage.

side-window sun protection

Side window sunshades will shield the kids from the sun’s rays

5. Cool box for food snacks and beverages

Kids can stress parents out during a trip for a variety of reasons, one of them being the lack of refreshments during the trip. Or they may happen to have food, but exposure to heat has ruined that ice cream cone or chocolate bar. This is where a cool box for food storage comes in handy.

How a Cool Box For Food Snacks and Beverages Help:

  • You won’t have to worry about the messes of melted food anymore.
  • Since you would now have somewhere cool to keep those food items that melt quickly, you won’t have to deal with ice cream messes that result in cranky kids.
  • A cool box also lets you store any necessary medicine safely during transit.
  • Your drinks will be kept cool enough for when you need to hydrate yourself during the journey.

Cool box with two tumbler

Since you would now have somewhere cool to keep those food items that melt quickly, you won’t have to deal with both ice cream messes and cranky kids

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