Driving 101: 9 basic car features that every car must have

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Just imagine what happened if your car is lack of those basic features?

Cars are equipped with so many features! There’s always an emphasis on the techy stuff. But, in the heart of it are the nearly invisible basic car features that are most functional.

Keeping it simple is the best, and that applies to all the basic car features that are part of any automobile’s equipment! From the first auto made; this equipment has been around to change with the times but still have the same function. Even with the new equipment; these vestigial and basic equipment is the fallback and spine of the automobile.

I. Why basic car features are essential? 

All the newest technology won’t matter if there isn’t any precedent to base their development on. It’s just like swimming, but trunks are needed! All puns aside; many older and experienced drivers are those who really know these basic car features.

  • There’s no learning curve because they are integrated into the car's infrastructure. Essentially these features are embedded and interact flawlessly.
  • All these features are naturally flowing with normal biomechanics because it is instinctive and simple.
  • Each feature has a corresponding action within a comfortable threshold that isn’t discomfiting. 
  • Any action that goes against normal movement is a recipe for injury while driving.

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II. What are the disadvantages of advanced car features versus basic car features?

With all the benefits of newer car features that make driving cars much easier and concerns like stability and other “precise car control” systems are simplified and with even drive by wire too! All these extras will have a positive impact that is why all cars should have them. But are these benefits bulletproof with mines along the way? Well, precisely such concerns tend to throw a curveball that is why some concern is touched on! 

  • Modern car features tend to weigh in a lot and ignoring what real benefit that basic features offer.
  • Car safety is important, but ratings have totally shut down and considered other less equipped cars as riding death traps too.
  • Modernization of the auto and other features have made cars better but has floated the cost of the better or premium cars.
  • Car makers should simplify all the components of cars to make them more affordable.
  • This advanced car features; have an Achilles heel in the expensive equipment installed.
  • Instead of fixable hydraulics, springs, and other simple devices; modern car tech is all about software and keeping the main program running.
  • The ECU is a complex brain unit that will need replacing or errors will shut it down! Compared to advanced car features; most basic car features will keep on running because they’re simple.

III. 9 basic car features that every car should have

Think of these basic car features like the support crew of car features. If they weren’t equipped; then motoring and cars would be much different, and there would be no fallbacks. Just keep in mind most cars will always have basic car features that make them, very dependable and can be found even in the most basic of cars. Case in point; most sub-compacts will get most of the basic stuff, but barely some of the premium features. The beauty of these features is that it’s less expensive to equip, which is a big advantage too. Now, here are car features that are basic.

1. Power steering

No car is complete without power steering, and all cars have it. It’s standard equipment that is often misconstrued as an extra but is standard equipment.

2. Power windows

This is ubiquitous to modern equipment; though it is not installed in some cars. Power windows are much easier than using window rollers; by a long shot.

Basic car feature_power window

Using power windows is much easier than window rollers

3. Power locks

Nothing is more tedious than manually locking all doors; also, it is a security hazard as well. Power lock will lock all doors with a single button. Here’s another basic feature that is scrimped on as well, but more progressive car makers choose it as standard equipment.

4. Seatbelt reminder

This is the simplest of safety features that will remind to keep seatbelts on! Simple and efficient; some even have aural reminders to really bug those who don’t like wearing them.

Basic car features_seatbelt reminder

Keep your seatbelts on to protect yourself!

5. Door open indicator

Now another visual reminder that will warn the driver of open doors! Open doors are a hazard and a reminder to close any, is another simple safety reminder. No cars are without it, and is always equipped no matter what!

6. Child lock

Having children on board is a problem and keeping them safe is important. The child lock is a simple device that keeps doors from opening, from the inside. Another safe device that is mechanical and without any fancy mechanism.

Basic car features_child lock

Child lock is essential when having children on board 

7. Hand holds

What’s a car without anything to hold on to, when boarding in or out? These handholds are simple, and they can’t be without. No handholds will mean; hanging onto anything that isn’t meant for holding onto to. 

8. Sun visors

Blinding sunlight is a problem and glare can be very dangerous for drivers. These sun visors shade eyes from bright sunlight and even bright HiD headlights. Another simple safety device which is simple and not too complex as equipment. As simple as it gets too!

basic car features_sun visor

These sun visors shade eyes from bright sunlight and even bright HiD headlights

9. Rear Defroster

Good visibility is important and driving with frosted windshields is not very smart, because of reduced visibility that affects safe driving. All cars come with it and keep the rear windshield from frosting over.

Cars may have all the advanced features but under it, are the basic car features that are the main fall back. Without them and relying on other exotic or ECU controlled features; is not wise because they form the basic infrastructure and skeleton of all car features. All cars have them and no car sold is without them!

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