How to keep your kids safe in car

Updated Jan 22, 2018 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Annually, the Philippines Health Statistics (PHS) listed a big figure of children who were injured or died in vehicle accidents.
Children are the most precious “cargo” in the car. They are vulnerable and need to be kept safe badly. However, fatalities and injuries are unavoidable.

So, follow these practical driving tips to save your kids from being hurt in the car and make your car much safer for your kids.

Install Child Seats
Using child seats in your car can significantly reduce fatal injury that may occur to your infants, especially for new born babies or toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4.

All you need to do is to place your baby in the child seat and don’t need to worry about his or her safety.
Baby in car with mother

Use child seats can reduce injury for children.

The most vital thing is ensuring the child seats are correctly installed. You should have a safety-seat inspector install and check the child seats.

Pay attention to the weight limit of the seats to ensure the comfort for your children.

Teach children to wear seat belts

Babies is wearing seatbelt in car

Teach your kids to put on seatbelt when they get in car. 

Teach your kids to make a habit of always putting on seatbelts when they are in the car. Show them videos for kids about how to use seatbelts in order to make them excited and start to imitate.

It’s also necessary to patiently explain the significance of using seatbelts to your babies as some of them feel uncomfortable and will not follow their parents’ want.

Give children something to entertain
Children are usually active, curious and want your attention and they sometimes drive you crazy in the car.

An easy way to make them obedient is to give them something to play with such as toys, balls or snack packs.
Baby with toys in car

Give children something to play with such as toys.

However, you must notice to keep dangerous objects like sharp or metallic stuff out of their reach in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Besides, if your car is equipped with in-car entertainment system like a DVD player, play your kids’ favorite cartoons to make them sit quietly.

Never leave your children alone in a car
Never leave your kids alone in a car, even for a minute!
Baby is sleeping in car

Leave children alone in car can cause the heat stroke. 

It’s absolutely not safe because this can cause heat stroke (a life-threatening condition with symptoms of very high body temperature) to children, especially in the summer heat. Heat stroke can damage the children’s brain and other body organs or even cause death.

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Additionally, leaving children alone in the car can lead to other risks such as being trapped in the trunk, making the car move or even being taken from the car.