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Toyota SUV / Crossover for sale

308 results found

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱365,000

Automatic Verified Contact 154,000 km

Toyota Land Cruiser 1996

Metro Manila, Caloocan ₱3,200,000

Automatic Verified Contact 125,000 km

Toyota Innova E 2015

Metro Manila, Makati ₱480,000

Automatic Verified Contact 40 km

2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Cebu, Cebu City ₱680,000

Automatic Verified Contact 70,000 km

Toyota Land Cruiser 2016

Batangas, Lemery ₱3,848,000

Automatic Certified Seller 14,000 km

Toyota Alphard V6 2014

Metro Manila, Makati ₱830,000

Manual Verified Contact 50 km

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4.0L 2013

Pampanga, Angeles ₱1,700,000

Automatic Verified Contact 73,000 km

Toyota Innova E 2008

Batangas, Lipa Negotiable price

Manual Verified Contact 85,000 km

Toyota Innova G 2005

Metro Manila, Makati ₱350,000

Automatic Verified Contact 100 km

Toyota Fortuner G series 2015

Metro Manila, Makati ₱650,000

Automatic Verified Contact 50 km

Toyota Innova 2014

Metro Manila, Makati ₱450,000

Manual Verified Contact 65 km

Toyota Avanza E Manual 2018

Metro Manila, Pasig ₱590,000

Manual Verified Contact 14,000 km

2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

Metro Manila, Makati ₱1,900,000

Manual Verified Contact 427,000 km

Toyota Innova E 2019

Metro Manila, Valenzuela ₱860,000

Automatic Verified Contact 6,000 km

Toyota Fortuner 2014 2.5 V

Metro Manila, Makati Negotiable price

Automatic Verified Contact 69,000 km

Toyota Avanza 1.3 2013

Metro Manila, Makati ₱320,000

Manual Verified Contact 90,000 km

Toyota Fortuner V 3.0 2006

Metro Manila, Makati ₱430,000

Automatic Verified Contact 50,000 km

Toyota Innova 2015

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱650,000

Manual Verified Contact 76,000 km

Paperwork you need when buying a new car

Greetings and welcome to! You are now viewing our list for Toyota SUV / Crossover for sale in the Philippines.

As a leading automotive website in the Philippines, offers Filipino car buyers with one of the largest and most comprehensive automotive classifieds featuring listings for new & used cars for sale from all major car manufacturers available here on our market.

In buying a new vehicle, there are some documents you need to have prepared in order to assure a smooth buying experience. Also, some of these documents will even assure you and your new vehicle's protection. Dealerships need to follow some protocols with respects to the laws of the land and of course, the importance is to confirm your identity.

As such, has gathered essential documents you need to prepare when buying a brand new car:

1. Driver's License

When you buy a vehicle, regardless of it being a new or used Toyota car, one very important document you need on hand is your driver's license.

This will ensure that you are proven to be able to drive the car you just bought and in some special cases, it will also provide information if you're even qualified to drive certain kinds of vehicles. These restrictions can be seen at the back of your driver's license card.

As most of you already know, your driver's license also serves to confirm your identity. Currently, the driver's license issued by the Land Transportation Office actually qualifies as a primary proof of identification.

This is useful in conjunction with the other documents you have to submit. If you choose to use the financing system offered by Toyota Philippines, they might require proof of billing alongside your driver's license such as your phone bill, electricity bill, etc.

2. Insurance

Another document you need is proof of insurance. For this, you can place an insurance plan beforehand containing the details of the vehicle you want to buy.

Otherwise, you can call your preferred insurance company while in the dealership. The insurance company of your choice will then provide the proof through email or thru fax machine.

Why is insurance important?

In some countries like the Philippines, it is a legal requirement as it will provide you with financial protection if for some reason you incur damages to your new vehicle or on other vehicles and pedestrians. Accidents happen and you never know when they will happen.

3. Payment Documents

Of course, you need to pay for the vehicle you want to buy. In order to do this smoothly and hassle-free, many recommend doing so in the form of checks.

This may come as a bank check, your own personal check, a manager's check or a cashier's check. If you prefer to pay through a loan, then they will also provide a check.

If you're paying for a car in cash, it would also be prudent to pay in the form of a check for your convenience and for the convenience of the dealership staff. You do not want to waste their time counting your hundreds of pieces of bills, would you?

Last but not least, you might want to visit our Toyota Philippines car price list to stay updated with the latest pricing changes across the local model line-up. Or you can also contact any of the Toyota Philippines dealerships we have listed here on our site should you have further questions.

Enjoy your shopping time with!