Popular Driving Schools in Baguio City: List of courses, fees & more

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For your convenience, we have listed the top 4 popular driving schools in Baguio. Included are details on their courses, prices, and much more.

1. RLJC Driving School -  Rm.201 Dona Anita Building Mid Session Road

Address: Rm.201 Dona Anita Building Mid Session Road (near Jollibee Prime Hotel Baguio City)

Tel: 09777680237


Located along the famous Session Road, RLJC like most driving schools in Baguio City places a high priority on learning how to drive safely with high awareness of traffic laws and regulations all the while guaranteeing a fast yet comprehensive learning experience.

What sets RLJC  is that some of their instructors are trained to cater to differently-abled students specifically those who are deaf and mute. That’s a huge advantage they have due to the fact that they are the only driving school so far that we have heard of that can accommodate these kinds of students.

A picture of the RLJC Driving School in Baguio

The RLJC Driving School is located at 2nd Floor Dona Anita Bldg

Courses and Fees

Manual Vehicle at P 5,000 for 10 hours hands-on driving. (Five days at two hours per day)

* Inclusive of reviewers, reading materials, and certificate.

Pros and Cons

While we are sure that RLJC’s services are excellent and their instructors are highly capable, one large disadvantage they have currently is that information regarding their courses and their respective fees are not readily available even on their Facebook page.

Regardless of that, they are really highly rated on social media and past student drivers who gave reviews praise them highly for their very accommodating staff and very patient instructors.

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2. A-1 Driving - SM City Baguio, Upper Basement, Baguio City

Address: SM City Baguio, Upper Basement (near Baguio Bingo and beside LBC), Baguio City

Tel: +63744428846


A-1 Driving has 85 branches nationwide and of course, it becomes one of the largest driving schools in Baguio City.

Located in SM Baguio, A-1’s Baguio branch is up to par with the high standards set by A-1. Their office is modern and comfortable, their training vehicles; clean and safe, and their instructors are very professional.

Currently, A-1 Driving is one of the few driving schools that have the means to train you on bus and truck driving, off-road driving, advanced maneuvering techniques, and much more.

A picture of the A1 Driving School Baguio branch

The A-1 Driving School branch located in SM Baguio

Courses and Fees

Course Name
Starting Price
Premium Course
Executive Course
Rush Course
Training Center Course
Car Maintenance 101

Listed here are the lowest prices for the shortest time duration of courses available from A-1. If you want a more detailed price list, you can also check out our in-depth review of A-1 Driving School.

Pros and Cons

Understand that A-1 is a very large business with hundreds of branches nationwide. As such, there will be a noticeable variance in terms of quality of service, condition of training vehicles and even how their specific branches will look like.

The one located in Baguio as we’ve said earlier is however up to par with the standards A-1 has set for their outlets. They have highly professional staff and their office is tidy, modern and most importantly, comfortable.

The only downside to the Baguio branch of A-1 driving is that they cannot take advantage of the training centers their company owns because all of these are located in Metro Manila.

Also, their choices of available courses are a little limited in comparison to Metro Manila branches. Regardless though, A-1 is a highly recommended driving school with years and years of experience so their Baguio branch is definitely worth checking out.

3. City Driving School - Room 203 Gamboa Bldg Upper Session Road

Address: Room 203 Gamboa Bldg Upper Session Road (Just above KFC Session) Baguio City

Tel: 09985410904


City Driving School is a well-known establishment within Baguio City due to their diligence to safety and their high quality of service. And like many driving schools operating today, they primarily educate their student drivers on defensive driving as well as educating students on traffic laws and regulations.

They also have a sizable fleet of training vehicle that ranges from sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and MPVs all of which are new models.

Operating hours for City Driving School starts from 7 a.m up until 7 p.m.

A picture of a City Driving School training vehicle

A City Driving School training vehicle with training vehicle markings

Courses and Fees

Manual Beginner
12h hands-on driving
10h  hands-on driving
7h  hands-on driving
5h hands-on driving
Automatic Transmission Car
10h hands-on driving
6h hands-on driving
4h hands-on driving

Note: Included to the courses listed above are seminars on basic troubleshooting, defensive driving and a Certificate upon completion. Also, City Driving School can assist you in getting your very own driver’s license.

Pros and Cons

By having a varied vehicle choice, City Driving schools in Baguio. can provide you with the learning experience you want. Also, their choice of driving routes which are outlook drive, Loakan Road, Camp 7 and Marcos highway is quite scenic.

Take note though that City Driving School has gotten quite popular so you might want to contact them ahead of time to schedule your driving session.

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4. UPS Driving School - Unit 207 YMCA Building, Post Office Loop, Baguio City

Address: Unit 207 YMCA Building, Post Office Loop, Baguio City (Beside CAP building)

Tel: 09426112514 or 09476078888


Another noteworthy driving school located in Baguio is the UPS driving School.

Established in 2006 in Urdaneta, Pangasinan the aforementioned driving school started out humbly with only one training vehicle and one office. Today, their business have grown to 17 branches, one of which is located in Baguio City.

While UPS is diligent in maintaining a high quality of service, they are also committed to producing safe and defensive drivers who are well versed on Philippine traffic laws and regulations. Also note that their instructors are LTO accredited.

Currently, UPS driving school has a large selection of training vehicles that range from sedans, pick-up trucks, SUVs, and AUVs.

A picture of a UPS driving school instructor giving a lecture

A UPS driving school Baguio branch instructor giving a lecture to student drivers

Courses and Fees

Sedan Regular Course
P2,200 to P13,200
Sedan Special Course
P2,700 to P16,200
P4,000 to P24,000
Sedan Rush Course
P3,700 to P22,200
P5,300 to P31,800
Sedan Executive Course
5-10h/day with Pick-up and drop-off
P4,800 to P28,800
P6,300 to P37,800
SUV/Pick-up Truck Special Course
P5,000 to P30,000
P6,300 to P37,800
SUV/Pick-up Truck Rush Course
P6,000 to P36,000
P7,300 to P43,800
SUV/Pick-up Truck Executive Course
5-10h/day with Pick-up and drop-off
P7,000 to P42,000
P8,300 to P49,800
AUV Special Course
P4,100 to P24,600
P5,600 to P33,600
AUV Rush Course
P5,100 to P30,600
P6,500 to P39,000
AUV Executive Course
5-10h/day with Pick-up and drop-off
P6,100 to P36,600
P7,100 to P42,600

* Note: 

  • Refresher course: 5 - 10 hours
  • Beginner course: 15-30 hours

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Pros and Cons

According to reviews online, their instructors and staff in their Baguio City branch are polite and professional and of course, being that it’s Baguio, the driving routes are simply picturesque.

As you can see from above, the courses that UPS driving school offers are very varied and so they will definitely have what you’re looking for. Also, they have multiple choices of vehicles for each category except for the AUV which only has the Toyota Innova.

Take note however that UPS driving school sees a lot of students on a daily basis so you really need to contact them ahead of time to schedule your session.

List of LTO renewal centers in Baguio

LTO Office
Contact No.
LTO Porta Vaga Renewal Office
Porta Vaga Mall, Session Road, Baguio City
(074) 4442999
LTO Baguio
Pacdal, Baguio City,
(074) 4447997

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A picture of the LTO renewal center at Porta Vaga, Baguio

The LTO Renewal Center in Porta Vaga Mall just opened recently and it offers a lot in terms of comfort and convenience

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