Driving in the metro: 6 steps to avoid getting tickets for violations!

Updated Jan 26, 2021 | Same topic: Survive driving in the Philippines

Be a smart driver and remember these below advice to avoid being fined by the police!

Usually, the most popular car topics would be about the technical stuff and other aspects of driving. But, why not something that keeps drivers from the long arm of the law or how to avoid getting tickets for violations! Driving is about driving smart and knowing how to keep ahead of the law, but not breaking it of course.

In this articles, Philkotse.com will state the guidelines checklist to help you avoid being penalized with those expensive traffic violations in the Philippines.

What are essential skills should all drivers know?

Since nothing ever changes or keeps the same; and relying on common sense and adaptiveness is the best way to do it. Here are some pointers that will come on handy as starters before the main event, these starters are good as a set up to complement the main skills how to avoid getting tickets for violations. 

  • Drive in A1 condition and get enough rest: One of the worst ways to drive is when anybody is fatigued, wasted (drugs, alcohol, depressed) which is opposed to refreshed, without any sign of alcohol or other substances.
  • Avoid distracted driving while behind the wheel. 
  • Be acquainted with major routes and minor ones.
  • Keep on top of any driving situation while in the driver’s seat!

So, these are ways to get into that laser-like frame of mind which is important to get along fine! Messing up and getting a ticket will happen if anyone gets that unlucky!

Guidelines to avoid earning a ticket when driving 

Metropolitan is the place where enforcers, policemen and those appointed to accomplish traffic rules are located. Major routes like main avenues in the business and commercial district, also small minor roads but still driven by most vehicles is where they can be found! The overall goal is to know where they are located and what time they are least and most active.

Motorists familiar with the drill; will know the color coding scheme and relevant laws that will earn them an instant ticket! Working around this basic info will be the most critical information to know. When driving ignorance can never be feigned, and it is no excuse unless an emergency will supersede it! Now for the good stuff and it will come in handy.

1. Drive when coding is in effect!

It does happen, and coding is in full swing; we sometimes drive! If there’s no way around it and driving is needed, there are options to get mobile with less chance of getting caught. First off, it depends on the area to be driving in and whether there are other smaller alternative routes.

Getting in and out without any traffic is important, but it will take a longer way at most to pass through. The metro has smaller and less frequented areas to pass; these are the best bets to pass through. But, when traffic happens; and there’s a chance an enforcer may come along. But, play it cool and make the license plate less visible.


There are smaller alternative routes with less chance of getting caught

2. Lookout for any broken lights or dead lamps when driving

Driving with no headlights and with malfunctioning tail-lights is a no-no for many drivers! If any traffic enforcers feel like it; then if caught in traffic or a stop-light it's game over!

But, the way to avoid it is to tail the car a distance and don’t let the busted headlamps be seen. It’s either enforcer lets the car go ahead or give a ticket. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of getting cornered is avoiding heavy traffic and can go ahead without any obstructions.


Driving with a broken headlight have more chance to be caught by the polices

3. Pay attention to road signs, especially one-way signs

Yes, this is the trickiest; and some shortcuts will be one way! Road signs may be missing and out of view at the angle of the car. When driving through these roads; always slow down and check if it is a two-way street.

Many motorists make the mistake of assuming and traffic apps may not be updated on these changes. Always be observant; especially in the metro where relevant signs may not be installed! Be lucky enough and don't get a ticket from LTO.


Slow down and check if it is one-way street or not 

4. Avoid designated lanes for public utility vehicles only

Areas like Edsa and major roads will have lanes only for designated vehicles only. When on the road; avoid the shoulders that are often plied by the public utility vehicles (PUVs) like buses. If there is a shoulder to enter; run the length of the road and enter the point nearest to make the turn.

Swerving happens if the car takes a large swathe of the road to get to any near point. Get to the nearest point and make the turn, but not form the farthest lane! By the way; swerving is a violation, and it gets quite a number caught.

Avoid getting tickets tips_4

When on the road, avoid the shoulders that are often plied by the PUVs like buses

5. Keep a keen eye on all the enforcers where they are stationed!

Now; this involves taking in everything and how to avoid getting tickets for violations. These enforcers are supposed to make sure road rules are followed to a tee! Drivers have the advantage of mobility over these enforcers, by keeping the road rules they won’t be ticketed.

If these enforcers have motorcycles; then it will be difficult to avoid them. But rules are rules and should be followed!

Avoid getting tickets tips_5

If these enforcers have motorcycles; then it will be difficult to avoid them. So be careful! 

6. Beware of road traps that should be avoided!

For the newbie drivers, these are traps designed to catch unwary motorists and ticketing them. One of the trickiest and harshest experiences for any drive to fall into!

Several conditions exist that will warn the possibility of road traps: 

  • The area is notorious and has been abuzz on the internet in threads! Most motorists identify it and even have videos of their encounter.
  • If the light is too fast and there is a malfunction; this is a danger sign that you should beware of. 
  • There should be enforcers sighted at a distance and not near the busted stop light.
  • Look farther ahead and for a split second notice the area past the stop light. If there is some pulled over and with an enforcer or two, better to make sure that yellow light or red doesn’t show up!

Beware of road traps that should be avoided

If the light is too fast and there is a malfunction; this is a danger sign that you should beware of

Road traps are everywhere, and the first sign is an enforcer or two popping up like mushrooms. A ticket is definite now! Look forward and be alert is the key to avoid them.

Learning how to avoid getting tickets for violations is essential for all drivers besides the usual advice! Getting the mindset and all the steps are totally common-sense and something to be armed with. Following the rules is important but breaking the law is worse. So avoid it with these counter-measures to use!

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