5 reasons why aggressive driving should be avoided

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Everyone from your mom to your tita and your local tambay tells you to drive sensibly and defensively, but what are the risks of ignoring this advice? Here are the top 5 reasons why aggressive driving should be avoided.

1. Aggressive driving should be avoided: Why?

I get it, I totally do. Part of our toxic masculinity and misplaced machismo is to drive our cars rather aggressively and treat each drive like we were driving during the final laps of Le Mans.

You know what I mean and more likely than not, you do the exact same thing; revving your engine high, shifting at 4,000 RPM and giving the accelerator a quick boost during stoplight situations.


You just know what's coming up next

Aggressive driving is the exact opposite of what car articles like these tell you to do, yet we still do it, yours truly included. I used to be young once, having the privilege of owning my own car in my mid-20s, I’ve yet to completely shed my boy-racer attitude and all I wanted to do is go fast.

Despite the fact that we all get stuck in the same EDSA gridlock traffic, I refused to stay patient and wait in line. I insisted on punching the accelerator and squeeze myself along every bit of available space on the side lanes, swerving like a mad-man.

I also refused to give way to anyone wanting to take my lane no matter how far off they are. Ah, youth.


The Follies of Youth Makes you Feel Invincible

These days, I’m older, and 2 car crashes and replaced transmission parts away from all of my folly as a young racer wannabe. There are more than a few harrowing experiences that I can tell you about but those are for another story.

We at Philkotse.com can give you a ton of reasons why you should not drive aggressively but here are 5 of those reasons why you should definitely NOT do it.

2. 5 reasons why aggressive driving should be avoided

#1. You look like an Ass

Ever seen one of those YouTube Fail videos where people in cars often overshoot their vehicles during a stoplight launch? How about those ones where they swerve in and out of lanes only to get caught in an imminent obstacle.

Do you remember what your first feeling was at the time of watching those videos? Yeah, those drivers look like asses.


You do NOT want to be this guy, do you?

Of you ever think that way then imagine yourself driving in the same manner, cutting in and out of traffic jams as if you were bringing your old scooter, or swerving towards exits.

If you were looking at yourself from an outside perspective, wouldn’t you think of yourself as an ass as well? You simply do not have the right to criticize others if you yourself drive in that manner.

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#2. You set a bad example

Being a self-respecting adult commandeering your own 1-ton vehicle at ridiculous speeds, you have the responsibility to drive sensibly to set a good example to impressionable kids.

I remember my own role models growing up, both my parents and uncles are hotheads while driving, aggressively seeking to vindicate themselves against those who cut them off the road or shouting at fellow motorists. I knew that what they were doing was wrong but it kind of stuck to me as I took the reins of my own vehicle.


Always remember that some people lookup and idolize you

Think of it this way, would you want your kids to drive the way you do? If you say yes despite the fact that you drive like an ass, then it’s fine then.

You can show your children how to act like degenerates on the road. Just make sure not to reprimand them when the time comes they get to star in their own YouTube fail video.

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#3. Broken transmission from doing the “Routine”

Ever wonder how your favorite F1 or Rally cars stay so fresh, clean and run so smoothly before a race? That is because they have the cash and sponsors to literally rebuild the whole car each and after every outing.

Road cars, do not even have the same strength and reliability purpose-built track or rally cars do. The parts in our mass-produced vehicles were not meant to be pushed to their limits and were meant for basic driving and transportation.


Aggressive driving can lead to prematurely broken parts

To give you an example I drive my mid-2000s Compact sedan rather carefully these days and I’ve since learned the value of smooth shifting and engine braking this car, however, was also my training car.

I would damage the transmission by revving hard in between the clutch pedal’s bite point with the sole purpose of sounding like a race car.

Little did I know that in doing so it increases the stress on the Clutch Disc and pressure plate damaging the system due to friction and heat.

You know that move; on an incline, you get stuck in traffic but instead of simply putting the car in neutral and pulling the hand brake you move to sway the car forward and back, keeping the revolutions on by hitting the accelerator.


You definitely will know when you've broken something

To put a long story short, Driving the way I do force me to rebuild my transmission and replace parts at least 3 times already. If you were driving sensibly you would know better than to do that pointless maneuver.

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#4. Accidents lead to unwanted expenses

As I’ve earlier mentioned, I’ve undergone my own fair share of road mishaps and crashes. I always try to tell myself that I am paying for my own tuition for the experience but being involved in more than 1 or 2 crashes sometimes you have to think long and hard about the lessons you are learning.


Do you think your insurance agency will turn a blind eye on this for next year?

Every time you drive aggressively, you immediately increase the risk of crashing your vehicle and having to pay an arm and leg just to get it back into good running shape.

Apart from having to repair the bodywork, getting into an accident with your insurance company involved comes into consideration for renewing your insurance contract. If the underwriting finds out about those crashes they may even potentially increase your insurance premiums, adding to more expenses.

My girlfriend gave me the wisest words whenever I even think of pushing my car up to its paces. Haven’t you spent enough on repairs already?

Maybe if you take good, easy steps while driving you can finally save some money up for some car upgrades. That would never happen if you keep repairing collision damage on your car.

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#5. Reckless driving leads to a bad record

Probably the most obvious reason as to refrain from driving aggressively is that we have traffic officers just itching to write you a citation ticket or confiscate your license altogether. You do know that there are laws against reckless driving, right? If not then get ready for a shocker.

Agressive driving

The aggressive driver always think they can get away with being reckless

Reckless driving in the Philippines leads to fines of as high as Php 20,000, revocation of your driver’s license or even jail time. Whenever you drive like a madman, you endanger not only your own life but everyone else’s as well.

You might get away the first, second, third, or heck, you might not even get caught red-handed at all, but remember that the Authorities now have non-contact apprehension policies wherein you get reprimanded after reviews for CCTV cameras that are strewn across urban areas.

What’s more, is that having a tainted record may offer penalties from the LTO or even affect your visa applications or job prospects. Do not be that guy who loses everything just because you wanted to drive Clark International Speedway style but on our public roads.

Reckless driving penalty

Heavy fines and license revocation are the least of your concerns when driving aggressively

The consequences are definitely dire and it is never a good idea to drive aggressively on the road. Whenever you get that itch to do so, make sure you remember these 5 reasons and maybe you get to change your perspective.

One big plus is while driving calmly and rationally you reduce the risk of getting into an accident, but you deprive the public of visual eye-candy that is your car. How will everyone give your car double-takes when you’ve just driven off like a flash?

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