5 embarrassing moments while driving and how to avoid them

Jul 20, 2019 | Same topic: Let's drive smart!
Embarrassing moments happen, even with experienced drivers. Let's prepare and avoid it!

As drivers, it is normal that we create mistakes but these mistakes can sometimes turn into a major embarrassment especially if we have other people riding with us. There are moments when we just ignore these mistakes but if they are too obvious we would end up wishing to just disappear at the face of the earth.

Stay calm because Philkotse.com totally understand what our fellow drivers are going through. That is why in this article we will be discussing several common or familiar scenarios that make us feel bad about ourselves.

We will be giving you tips on how to avoid these simple mistakes and save you from other peoples’ harsh judgment.

embarrassment driving moments

There are certain scenarios on the road that can put us drivers into big trouble

1. Driving without license

We all know that driving here in the Philippines is very challenging because of so many factors around us (traffic, bossy drivers, undisciplined pedestrians, etc.). And the last thing that every driver would like to experience is to get caught for a certain violation and you do not have your drivers’ license with you.

Whether you left it at home or you lost it you have to be aware that traffic enforcers including MMDA will not accept your excuse even if you try to reason out with them.

Driving without license

Driving without a license is a non-negotiable traffic violation

These scenarios can put you in a bad light especially if you have other people with you inside the car. If you are caught driving without a license you are looking forward to paying hefty fines and at the same time, your car gets impounded which can cause inconvenience not just to you but also to other people. 

What to do instead

To avoid these from happening you need to make sure that you have your license with you at all times. Also if it is about to expire make sure to have it renewed at your nearest LTO satellite office.

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2. Leaving your wallet at home

Have you ever experienced driving to a gasoline station then you suddenly realized that you don’t have any money with you? You are lucky if you have a passenger who has spare cash to lend but if you happen to be alone it can be embarrassing to tell a stranger that you left your money.

What to do instead

To avoid these from happening to make sure that you have petty cash inside your car that you can use in case of emergencies.

Cash inside car

Make a habit to leave some change or at least a few hundred pesos inside your car

3. You lost or forgot your beep toll card

If you are one of those drivers who frequently pass through the highways pretty sure that you are familiar about the toll fees at NLEX, CAVITEX  SCTEX.

Most of you are also familiar with prepaid Beep cards. What if you are about to approach the toll gate and you realized that you lost your card what should you do?

What to do instead

Check if you have your credit cards with you, certain tollgates accept Visa and MasterCard as an alternative form of payment. If you don’t have any credit card with you then it leaves you with no choice but to pay in cash.

So the best course of action is to switch lanes before you get caught by enforcers and be given a corresponding ticket because of passing through the wrong toll gate.

Next time to ensure that this won’t happen again you can purchase multiple Beep cards and leave them inside your car. The Beep card is good to use within four years.

beep card

Buy multiple Beep cards to avoid the hassle in paying for toll fees at expressways

4. Lose focus on the road

Have you experienced driving and falling asleep in the middle of a busy road? This is kind of embarrassing to your passengers because you are compromising their safety and putting their lives at risk. The worst thing that can happen is for you to get into an accident with other cars or unintentionally hit a person.

Drowsy driving

Listen to upbeat music to keep yourself awake

What to do instead

To prevent road accidents from happening always remember that you need to stay alert and awake at all times. Do not drive when you are tired or bring someone who can take over the wheel.

Or if you are feeling drowsy on the road listen to upbeat music and stop by for a quick coffee break to keep your nerves awake for the entire trip. Also, drive within the allowed speed limits at all times.  

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5. Trouble following directions

Even if you are a good driver it does not mean that you are good at navigating the streets or following directions. Not everyone can expertly navigate different roads here in the Philippine which is totally understandable but not quite expected especially you happen to drive a cab or TVNS unit.

Your passengers rely on your sense of direction and you are expected to get them into their destination without any frills.

GGmaps and waze

Smartphone apps like Google Maps or WAZE are every drivers’ best friend

What to do instead

Instead of doing frequent stopovers at the side of the road and asking random people for directions it would we best to use your cars’ GPS feature.

If you do not have any GPS then you can utilize your smartphone and use navigation apps instead. Just make sure to listen carefully and follow all the instruction being given to you.

Source: Liza Campos