20+ weird driving laws around the world

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Check out the list of weird driving laws that you might encounter while driving in different parts of the world.

Being in another country is fun and all until it comes to the idea of driving. Even though commuting seems more sensible when going to and fro in another country, you can also save a lot of money if you just rent your own ride.

However, you need to keep in mind that different countries have different cultures and laws that you have to abide by, no matter how awkward they may seem to you. Here are just some of those laws brought to you by Philkotse.com

1. Weird driving laws in Asia

Since we’re already discussing weird driving laws around the world, let’s not look farther and start at the very continent where we belong to – Asia. Most of the rules and regulations in Asia only sound weird at first, but they start to make sense if you are actually driving in their country.

  • You cannot splash water at the pedestrians if you are a driver in Japan.
  • You cannot stop for pedestrians in China, especially if you are in Beijing.
  • You cannot drive if your plate ends in 1 or 2 in the Philippines during rush hours of the day.

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Car splashing water in pedestrian

Drivers cannot splash water at the pedestrians if you are a driver in Japan

2. Weird driving laws in America

Although this isn’t the biggest continent of them all, this is a country that has a diverse collection of people. It is also the place where the most number of weird driving laws come from. A lot of the states have different traffic laws from each other and the state that has most laws in California. Read them below.

In most American states:

  • You cannot tie a dog to your vehicle’s roof.

Dog in the car

In America, you cannot tie a dog to your vehicle’s roof

  • You must deposit money in the parking meter if you tied an elephant to it while in Florida.
  • You cannot drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car.

Gorilla in car

In America, you cannot drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car

  • You are not allowed to ride on a camel in any highway in Nevada.
  • It is illegal to cross state lines while you have a duck on your head if you’re in Minnesota.
  • In Kentucky, it is illegal to let your pet animal molest any vehicle – be it yours or anyone else’s.
  • You are not allowed to leave your sheep in a truck if it doesn’t have an escort.
  • You will answer to the law if you drive while blindfolded in Alabama. However, it is totally ok if you are driving the opposite direction while on a one-way street. The only condition is that you should have a lantern sitting at the front of your vehicle.

Blind driving in Alabama

No blind driving in Alabama 

  • If in Mariette, Georgia, you are a legal offender if you spit while in a moving car. However, that is totally fine if you are in a moving truck.
  • You are not allowed to change your clothes inside a vehicle with drawn curtains if you’re in Evanston, Illinois. There is an exception, however, and it is only if there is a fire in the vehicle.
  • You cannot drive through any of the playgrounds in Georgia.
  •  Parking in front of a Dunkin Donuts store is strictly against the law if you’re in Maine.

Dunkin Donuts Park

Parking in front of a Dunkin Donuts store is strictly against the law if you’re in Maine.

  •  Reading comic books while in the act of driving is a big “no-no” if you are in Oklahoma.
  •  In Michigan, you may be entitled to imprisonment if you are caught reading a newspaper while sitting in the middle of the street.
  •  You cannot drive a black car every Sunday in Denver, Colorado.
  •  Ohio has a strict law against people driving around the town square more than one hundred times.

In California 

Those are just some of the driving laws for the rest of America. Below is a list of weird and peculiar laws that govern the state of California. Keep them in mind before you even start driving in the area.

  • It is illegal for anyone to jump from a moving car with a speed of 65 miles per hour.

Man jumping from one car to another

In California, it's illegal for anyone to jump from a moving car with a speed of 65 miles per hour

  • The owner is entitled to imprisonment if his unoccupied car exceeds the speed limit of 60 miles per hour.
  • You are entitled to imprisonment if you buff or dry your car with used underwear while you’re in San Francisco.
  • It is illegal for women to drive while they are wearing a dressing gown.
  • You will be liable to the law if you use the road as a bed.
  • You cannot shoot any animal while you are inside your car. There is an exception if the animal is a whale. This law applies to Tennessee as well.

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3. Weird driving laws in Europe

If you thought the rules in America were a bit “off” or unreasonable with your logic, then you may find that some driving laws in Europe are a bit off as well. Check them out.

  • If you drive around in a dirty vehicle while in Moscow, you are entitled to a driving ticket.
  • If you are driving anywhere in France, you are entitled with the right to carry your own breathalyzer.
  • One of the local driving rules in Denmark is the driver’s responsibility to always check the underneath their vehicle in case there are children hiding. The driver should do this every time before they drive off.

Driving law in EU

Snacking and drinking behind the wheel banned in Cyprus.

  • Snacking and drinking are punishable by the law if you’re caught in Cyprus. No eating behind the wheel.
  • You are not allowed to wash your car if you are a driver in Switzerland.
  • In Germany, your vehicle (regardless of what type or model) must be in its tip-top shape always. Why? Because it is illegal to have your vehicle breaking down for any reason at all. This includes running out of gas, engine overheating and so on.

4. Other Parts of the World

Here we also saved space for some of the weird driving laws existent in other places that don’t belong to the three continents above.

  • You are entitled to punishment or fine if you don’t slow down or stop (whichever applicable) once you come across a herd of livestock passing down the road in South Africa.
  • In Saudi Arabia, women are prohibited to drive. On the men can utilize a car, however, women are still allowed to own a vehicle.

No women driver in saudi arabia

Woman are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia 

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