New version of Honda Civic type R comes as a mad touring model

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With the launch of the 316bhp Honda Civic Type R, car experts even expect this version to be “the best hot hatch on sale’’.
The Honda Civic is always seen as an aggressive and powerful car. With the launch of the 316bhp Honda Civic Type R, car experts even expect this version to be “the best hot hatch on sale’’.
An Italian racer team named JAS Motorsport which has a good relationship with Honda is seeking a hot yet affordable hatchback that can conquer all of other cars. And the Civic Type R TCR is surely their first choice.

Angular front of a Honda Civic type R

This version “could be the best hot hatch on sale’’
This version is an improvement of the 2017 Civic that we prefer. The highlight lies in a new aero pack to advance downforce, better multilink rear suspension and a system of anti-roll bar, a revised ECU and a rollcage.
And good news for racers who want to race it for hours is that the vehicle is newly equipped with an “endurance” spec, an anti-lock brakes, a better device of lights and driver cooling that is very important for the racer.
JAS’s Mads Fischer stated that the new car shows considerable improvement in several main areas such as aero, suspension and electronics.
“Our first Civic Type R TCR car has won five championships already and is in contention for another eight this year in Europe and Asia, and our aim is to ensure the new car continues to raise the bar for TCR competition globally,” he said.

JAS-developed Honda Civics helped Honda win the ETCC, TCR Germany, Middle East, Italy, and Benelux series by claiming the WTCC and partner team in 2013. In fact, Honda and JAS have begun their cooperation since 1998.
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Know more about Honda Civic Type R 2021

Honda Civic Type R

The fifth-generation Honda Civic Type R is based on the 10th-generation Honda Civic. To sum the model up, it a high-performance version of the Civic and it features an aggressive-looking exterior design. The said design also incorporates several performance-oriented pieces like a hood scoop, a rear wing, a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, among others. Under the Philippine-spec Civic Type R's hood is a 2.0-liter K20C1 VTEC inline-4 which can produce a maximum of 306 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This engine is then paired with a six-speed manual transmission, which comes with a rev-matching function. Like the standard Civic, the Civic Type R is a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

From ₱3,180,000