This Suzuki Swift from Thailand looks sophisticatedly gorgeous

Updated Nov 24, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

It pulls off that classic car look.

The Suzuki Swift, as it is currently, is already a classy looking hatchback. On top of that, many favors it for its relatively affordable price, its tested reliability, and it’s well-known ability to handle city driving situations.

At the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show, however, Suzuki is displaying a version of its hatchback that goes beyond the “normal” Swift. This is just sophisticatedly gorgeous, and it highlights the European inspirations for this hatchback made by the Japanese marque.

A picture of the Swift at 2020 BMS

Very attractive looking indeed

So what’s so unique about it? Well for starters, this particular Swift rides on a very stand out set of wheels. Now, these wheels have a “Smoothie” chrome classic wheel design, which is more common on hotrods, as well as classic cars. It’s got this single piece convex design that does not have gaps or holes in it. And of course, for that extra classy look, it’s chromed out.

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A picture of the side of the Swift at 2020 BMS

Those wheels just complete the look

Apart from the wheels and tires, this Suzuki Swift was also given a two-tone paint-job with a cream white roof combined with a fantastic looking bluish body color.

Apart from the two-tone, it also has racing stripes, because again, it’s a homage to that classic Euro look. Down below just above the side skirts, it was also given a side racing stripe with the number “69” on it.

A picture of the rear of the Swift at 2020 BMS

Racing stripes can definitely make any hatch look sportier

On the inside, the familiar shapes of the dashboard, steering wheel, and interior door panels are there, but it’s now enhanced by a cream white trim, and cream white leather seats.

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A picture the SWift's interior

It looks great, but just don't spill a cup of soda on those seats

On top of being unique looking, this particular Swift also uses the 1.2-liter DualJet gasoline engine, which can make 89 horsepower. It’s much more powerful than the K12M engine found on locally available Swift variants, and it’s something that is not available in the Philippines.

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