Yes, Suzuki made this gorgeous roadster concept

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It’s a motorcycle-inspired roadster with some Italian DNA. 

Suzuki, as most of us are already aware, specializes in building and designing small cars and motorcycles. To further show off that particular ability, the Japanese-marque, with the help of some Masters students in Transportation Design Students, came up with the Misano concept.

Suzuki Misano - La Dolce Vita X Way of Life | IED Torino

These are the students from Istituto Europeo di Design in Torino, Italy who are working on their thesis. As such, you can say that the said concept car has a lot of Italian DNA built into it. And as you might be aware of, Italians know a thing or two about designing sports cars. 

A picture of the Suzuki Misano roadster concept

The Suzuki Misano roadster concept

As a Suzuki, the Misano is a tiny two-seater roadster with a mere 4,000mm length. That makes it 155mm longer than the current version of the Swift. It also rides low, practically hugging the ground. 

Like most tiny cars Suzuki makes, the Misano is oozing with character. Aggressive lines are abundant on the front clip, but then these transition into softer curves when viewing the car from the side. To further cement that Suzuki identity, the car also comes with a pair of S-shaped headlamps. Towards the rear, it bears a very aggressive-looking diffuser, and a lot of angular shapes.  

A picture of the front of the Misano roadster concept

Note the S-shaped headlamps

Another interesting feature of this Suzuki-made concept car is that its passenger is positioned behind the driver. This is just like how one would ride as a passenger on a motorcycle. Then again, the driver and passenger are positioned on the left side of the car. On the other side is where the car’s battery pack is stored.  

And yes, this concept is fully electric, but for now, Suzuki is yet to release more details regarding its powertrain. For that matter, we still don’t know what the Japanese marque plans to do with the Misano. The car itself isn’t going into production though since it’s just a design study, but who knows, maybe it might just kick start something new for the Japanese brand. 

A picture of the Misano roadster concept's rear end

Check out the Misano concept's angular rear end

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