Skyway Stage 3 speed limit to stay at 60 km/h

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This came from Ramon Ang himself.

Motorists who have been regularly using the Skyway Stage 3 are aware that the speed limit is at 60 km/h. Some motorists might think that the said speed limit is a bit slow, and it could increase once the Skyway Stage 3 is fully completed.

Well, according to the Inquirer Bizz Buzz column by Daxim L. Lucas, San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) Ramon Ang himself said that the 60 km/h speed limit on the Skyway Stage 3 is here to stay. But isn’t that a bit slow for an expressway?

A picture of a section of Skyway Stage 3

The Skyway Stage 3 is nearing completion. So what's the prevailing speed limit?

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To make it plain, the 60 km/h speed limit is necessary for a variable direction lane traffic scheme. How this works is that lanes will be moved at different times of the day.

By doing this, southbound motorists on Skyway Stage 3 might not have to contend with traffic congestion during morning rush hours. The same goes for northbound travelers during the afternoon and early evening.

In order for this traffic scheme to work, SMC had decided not to use permanent lane dividers, but will instead use movable ones. As such, a car accidentally going the wrong way on the adjusted lane might be kept safer by the 60 km/h speed limit. The same of course goes for other motorists plying the said road.

Moreover, Ang said that 60 km/h is sufficient and there’s nothing wrong with it, and you will still get to your destination in a timely manner. Moreover, he recommends that those speed junkies who like to “race” on public roads take it to the racetrack instead. A sentiment that has been echoed by true blue car enthusiasts since time immemorial.

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A picture of a speed limit sign on Skyway Stage 3

With a variable direction lane scheme, the 60 km/h limit makes a lot of sense

In addition to the speed limit, Ang clarified that toll fees for the newly opened Northbound section of Skyway Stage 3 are waived until further notice. Of note, the new Northbound section provides better access to the Skyway for motorists coming from Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna.

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