Maxus Philippines re-introduces V80 Flex van as a COVID-19 responder

Updated Apr 01, 2021 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

Maxus joins in the ‘new normal’ operations of car dealerships

One of the most affected areas in the growing negative effects of the COVID-19 in the country is the transportation of goods. The implementation of strict guidelines for social distancing limited many personal or business goods movement.

With this initiative, Filipinos are hopeful that this can prevent the further spreading of the virus.

To provide this need amid the health crisis, Maxus Philippines re-introduce the V80 Flex van that offers a roomy cargo space of 6.9 cubic meters and flexible interiors.

The Maxus V80 Flex van’s versatile interiors allow promoting proper physical distancing among the driver and cargo handlers, while at the same time the van’s 1.1-ton maximum loading capacity allows for sufficient cargo to maximize business operations.

Maxus V80 Flex Ambulance

With the help of its spacious interior, the V80 Flex will surely get the job done

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As an ambulance, the Maxus V80 Flex gives enough space for necessary equipment, and the elbow room for emergency medical personnel to perform life-saving procedures on the patient en route to the hospital.

Loading and unloading cargo or patients is done more efficiently and safely with the V80’s rear dual swing-out doors.

Under the hood, the spacious Maxus V80 is powered by a 2.5-liter CRDI diesel engine with VGT. For added safety, it has front dual airbags, ABS, EBD, and ISOFIX.

Rearview of the Maxus V80 Flex

Rearview of the Maxus V80 Flex

In addition, any PMS schedule that falls within the duration of the ECQ shall be extended for another 30 days after the official lifting of the quarantine period – the periodic maintenance service interval schedule covers the first 5,000 kms or 6 months and every succeeding 10,000 kms or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

The general warranty is three years or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first. There is also 24/7 emergency roadside assistance (ERA) available for Maxus customers.

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Know more about Maxus V80 2021

Maxus V80

The Maxus V80 is the brand’s entry into the commercial vehicle segment, offered in both passenger and cargo-hauling configurations. Two variants of the model have been released which are the V80 Comfort, which is a 13-seater van, and the V80 Flex which is built for heavy lifting. Both variants are powered by a 2.5L turbo-diesel engine. The V80 Comfort and the Flex are physically modeled like conventional vans with a slightly protruding bumper in contrast to classic Japanese flat-nosed vans. Inside the Comfort variant is a spacious cabin that has two seat configurations: 13-seater or 18-seater. Seats are wrapped in premium fabric. Meanwhile, the cargo hauling V80 Flex variant can carry a capacity of 1.1 tons in its spacious interior.

From ₱1,190,000

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