LTO: Late license renewals, vehicle registrations won't get penalties

Updated Mar 27, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

Worry no more if your license or registration is about to expire during the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced the extension of driver’s licenses validity and vehicle registration, following President Duterte’s imposed enhanced community quarantine all over Luzon to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is good news since paying your fees for renewal is now the least of your concerns – at least while the quarantine is in place.

Official statement from LTO

LTO's response to the enhanced community quarantine

"No penalties shall be collected for the late registration of motor vehicles and renewal of driver’s licenses which shall expire during the duration of the community quarantine. In the case of the NCR, from 13 March until 12 April 2020," the LTO announced in its advisory.

LTO is also extending the validity of student-driver permits for the duration of the quarantine so student-driver permit holders can still apply for the non-professional or professional driver’s license without getting penalized for expired permits.

On March 13, 2020, LTO released a notice to the public regarding this matter. In the memo, it is stated that:

1. No penalties shall be collected for late registration of motor vehicles and renewal of driver’s licenses which shall expire during the duration of the community quarantine.

2. The validity of all student permit shall be extended within the aforementioned duration for the purpose of applying for a driver’s license.

3. Temporary Operator’s Permits (TOPs) which expire on 13 March 2020 can be settled within the aforementioned duration of the suspension.

The official statement from LTO

The official statement from LTO

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LTO has yet to release an official statement as to whether its operations will be back on April 13 or it will be extending its suspension depending on the current COVID-19 situation.

No one really knows when the pandemic will end – some even claim that the COVID-19 crisis may last for months despite efforts of social distancing.  With the waiving of penalties, LTO is hopeful that this will encourage citizens to stay at home.

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