Isuzu Tagum celebrates 2nd dealer anniversary with mini truck fest

Updated Mar 17, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The celebration will be until March 19, 2023.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) announces the upcoming second-anniversary celebration of its dealership in Tagum, Davao.

Isuzu Tagum dealership facade

Isuzu Tagum is now two years old

The Isuzu Tagum dealership is celebrating the milestone with a mini truck fest in its showroom until March 19, 2023. IPC said that the fest will showcase the company’s top-selling commercial vehicles (CVs), from light-duty to heavy-duty trucks.

One truck model that’s included in the celebration is the Isuzu N-Series. It aims to provide mobility solutions for light-duty hauls. With the Smoother variant, you get to benefit from an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), offering improved efficiency and ease of use.

Meanwhile, the Isuzu D-Max and mu-X also confirmed their attendance. The D-Max is a pickup truck that recently secured a 1-2 finish at the 2022 Philippine Rallycross Series (PHRX) with the Isuzu D-Max Team, while the mu-X is a midsize SUV ideal for Filipino families thanks to its 7-seater cabin.

Isuzu Tagum dealership facade

The dealership celebrates the milestone with a mini truck fest

Isuzu Tagum Dealer Principal Walter Alvarez is pleased to invite everyone to join the celebration as the dealership wasn’t able to hold face-to-face events since its opening last two years.

“For the past two years since our grand opening, we couldn’t hold face-to-face events due to COVID-19 restrictions, so this year, we would like to invite everyone, especially our fleet customers to come visit our showroom and celebrate our second anniversary with us,” said Alvarez.

IPC President Tetsuya Fujita, who just took office earlier this year, congratulated the dealership on its anniversary milestone, saying:

“I would like to congratulate Isuzu Tagum on their second anniversary. I also commend their team for celebrating the dealer’s anniversary with customers thru mini truck fest. By giving customers first-hand experience of Isuzu units thru events like this, we get to inform our customers about the great value for money that we offer thru our quality products and services.”

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