HOT! All-new Ford Everest Sport 2020 launching on March 18

Mar 07, 2020 | Same topic: Auto Industry: Latest Updates
Check out another upcoming variant of the Everest; the Ford Everest Sport 2020!

Ford Everest Sport 2020: Ford Everest to get a new variant

A few days ago, we reported the release of the all-new 2020 Ford Everest Trend which is positioned as the most affordable 2020 Everest.

Aside from the new Everest Trend, however, Ford Philippines will be introducing another exciting variant for their best-selling SUV. It’s scheduled to be launched on March 18, 2020, and it’s called the Everest Sport.

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So, what does it have to deserve the name; “sport”?

The all-new Ford Everest Sport 2020: What does it look like?

On the outside, Ford gave this new variant a look that’s very distinct from the other Everest variants. On the front, the Everest Sport ditched the chrome in favor of a blacked-out grille.

The same goes for the front bumper which was also exchanged for a cool looking black colored one. Also prevalent on the front fascia is the new black colored “Everest” lettering positioned on the hood just on top of the grille.

A picture of the front of the Everest Sport highlighting the blacked out grille and logo

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As for the rear, that familiar bar of chrome connecting the two taillights is still there but down below, on the lower left side, there’s the addition of the “sport” badge.

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Everest Sport 2020 will also get a different looking interior

For starters, several parts of the dashboard now have this blue color and the seats now have blue colored stitching. Due to the prevalence of blue, the interior of the Everest Sport has this cool, subdued look to it.

With regards to the features, however, there’s no information yet on that but we’re guessing that it will have just about the same toys and safety features with the Everest Trend.

A picture of the interior of the Ford Everest Sport

"I'm blue dabadee dabadaaaa"

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The same goes for what will power this new variant but we’re predicting that they’ll be giving it the 2.2-liter TDCi which is also found on the Trend. The said engine can make 157 horsepower and 385 Nm of torque.

For a more optimistic guess, some are saying that there’s a chance for the Everest Sport to get the single-turbo 2.0-liter. Now that engine makes around 177 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque which of course is more fun that the TDCi engine.

A picture of the 2020 Ford Everest Sport parked in the mountains

In short, yes. Yes, it's very sport looking with several hints of "Raptor". It's no Raptor though

Are you excited for this new Everest variant? If you are, then keep reading here on for more updates!


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