Honda to shutter Japanese factory in three years

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

This is due to the stagnation of domestic sales, as rumored.

According to latest car news from Honda, the Japanese automaker plans to discontinue all production activities of its Sayama factory in Saitama, Japan by 2020, reducing the number of plants in Saitama complex to two.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Takahiro Hachigo – CEO of Honda Motor Company stated that the brand would care more about electric cars and other leading-edge automotive technology trends.

Honda Sayama Automobile Plant

Honda plans to discontinue all production activities of its Sayama factory 

“As we focus more on adopting electrification and other new technologies, we want to hone our vehicle manufacturing expertise in Japan and expand it globally,” Takahiro Hachigo – CEO of Honda Motor Company.  

The Saitama complex is composed of three factories in total: Ogawa Plant, Yorii Automobile Plant and Sayama Automobile Plant. Having operated since 1964, the Samaya facility plays a crucial part in Honda’s productivity. If the factory is closed, the company’s total production capacity in Japan, accordingly, will drop by around 250,000 units each year. The figure points out that Honda will cut production in the home country by almost 25%.

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A Honda engineer at the Sayama factory

Personnel at Sayama will also be transferred to Yorii Automobile Plant

In addition, personnel at Sayama will also be transferred to Yorii Automobile Plant. This means Yorii will become the core of Saitama where future Honda-badged electric vehicles will be produced together with Honda’s latest car techs.

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