Honda PH tops JD Power customer satisfaction study 2019

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Once again, Honda Philippines tops the JD Power customer satisfaction study 2019!

Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, has been known to make an excellent range of models that can cater to what the Filipino motorists need. Be it speed and sportiness, practicality and space, as well as luxury and comfort. Honda has got something in store for you and across all different budgets and tastes.

While there are other brands that also have those, a truly satisfied customer of a particular brand also looks into good after-sales services, delivery experience, transparency, the quality of a brand’s dealerships, and even if their sales reps are friendly or not.

And yes, it looks like Honda Philippines has earned the top spot once again for having the aforementioned qualities. Let's find out with

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1. JD Power 2019 Results: Honda Philippines remains on top

For the third consecutive year, Honda Philippines has ranked highest among the top ten brands in the JD Power Philippines 2019 Sales Satisfaction Index Study or SSI for short.

With a score of 832, which is even higher than last year’s score, Honda takes the top spot with Mitsubishi ranking at second with 829 and Toyota in third with 823.

The aforementioned JD power study takes into consideration the responses from 1830 people who have just purchased a new vehicle between July 2018 and April 2019. It also takes into consideration JD Power’s Net Promoter Score which determines if a new vehicle owner will recommend a car brand from a 0-10 scale.

Honda car

We can see the most important factors that will affect customer satisfaction in purchasing a new vehicle

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Now based on the 2019 study, around 79% are first-time buyers who are found to have a satisfaction rating of 815 while repeat buyers gave out a rating of 837. That’s from a 1,000 point scale. This is related to details with regards to the deal and paperwork in relation to the sale of vehicle itself.

First-time, buyers are found out to experience informal models of presenting the price of a vehicle in comparison to repeat buyers who in contrast are presented with a signed formal offer.

So as a first-time buyer, we recommend checking out for yourself Honda Philippines pricelist which we regularly update. It pays to prepare yourself ahead of time after all.

So from these, we can see the most important factors that will affect customer satisfaction in purchasing a new vehicle. From most important to the least these are; sales consultants, dealer facility, deliver process, paperwork completion, getting on with the deal itself, and the dealer’s website.

A picture of a well designed Honda dealership in Calamba, Laguna

Honda Philippines has ranked highest among the top ten brands in the JD Power Philippines 2019 SSI

Honda dealerships here in the Philippines look really good inside out so its no wonder as to why Honda tops the JD Power survey once again.

2. JD Power 2019 Results: Other Findings

Other key findings of the 2019 JD Power SSI survey include:

  • Sales consultants who use digital tools like smart-phones and tablets can make for a more satisfied customer.
  • Utilization of previously given background information results in a higher satisfaction level.
  • Dealerships with the exact model a customer is looking for resulted in a higher satisfaction rating.

Honda cars

Honda vehicles and the company’s services overall are consistently excellent

3. Honda Philippines: More observations

As we have observed throughout the years, Honda vehicles, and the company’s services overall are consistently excellent. From the quality of service, you can experience yourself from their dealerships even to their website.

All are of top-notch quality and are welcoming even to an apprehensive first-time vehicle buyer.

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Know more about Honda


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