Honda to bring a bright future with artificial intelligence

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Honda has established a project team to research on artificial intelligence.
Always keep people in mind, Honda has a passion to provide its customers everywhere with the joy of expanding their life’s potential. The company has been striving to evolve mobility and enhance the daily lives of people worldwide with its creations including cars, motorcycles and even power products. This time however, Honda has begun a new joint research with Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics to further accelerate research of artificial intelligence (AI).
The company believes that AI is one of the technologies that will make people’s lives more enjoyable and therefore, the popular Japanese car manufacturer is striving to develop an AI that can collaborate with people. The upcoming AI would then be capable of understanding and relating to the emotions of people as well as expanding the potential of owners who play the leading role.
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An artificial intelligence robot is holding an object

 AI is one of the technologies that will make people’s lives more enjoyable

To speed up the development of the AI capable of doing so, Honda Research Institute Japan started began joint research with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of Informatics. Professors Takatsume Kumada and Hisashi Kashima will participate in this project, with a goal to frame a concept under which AI that collaborates with people will be broadly accepted and utilized in society.
"Honda Research Institute Japan has a long history of conducting joint research with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology at Graduate School of Kyoto University, which has top-class researchers in a range of areas that include discovering how human beings process information, theory establishment and intelligent information processing. Through this new project we have just begun, we would like to continue proposing new AI research," Hiroshi Tsujino President & CEO, Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd shared.

artificial intelligence (AI)
AI that collaborates with people is expected to be broadly accepted and utilized in society

With this move, Honda proves it will take on new challenges in enhancing brand story creation about new value and experiences. The company is envisioning a future society where mobility products and robots equipped with such AI are accepted just like family members and are useful as part of people’s daily lives. It is respectable that Honda will continue to strive to make more and more innovations in the future. 

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Honda will continue to strive to make more and more innovations in the future

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