This is how the 2022 Honda Civic’s interior would look like

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
It seems that the Civic will have a more mature overall design. 

So far, we have seen the patent images of what seems to be the 11th generation Honda Civic. Looking at the exterior of the new Honda Civic, it looks underwhelming for some due to its transition from having an aggressive appeal to having a more subdued appeal.

Now, we get to see a series of trademark images for the interior of the 2022 Honda Civic. Looking at the images, the interior seems to be going through the same transition as its exterior.

Left side perspective on the 2022 Civic interior

The possible new dashboard of the 2022 Honda Civic

One of the most noticeable changes seen in the images is the new placement of the infotainment screen. It now sits at the top of the dashboard and the aircon vents are moved below the infotainment screen.

The housings for the aircon vents are likely designed with a simpler and cleaner boxy-type finish. The current Honda Civic houses the aircon vents with uneven and slanting lines that give it a sporty appeal inside.

View from the top of the dashboard

Top view of the dashboard

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We can also see that the dashboard is designed with more straight lines as compared to the current model that comes with aggressive and complex patterns. Other probable features included in the dashboard are USB charging ports, more infotainment functions, and climate control knobs.

Unlike the previous Civic generations, the 2022 model will not be having a coupe version. Instead, Honda will be offering a sedan and hatchback versions only with the Type R as the more performance-oriented option.

Right side perspective view of the possible dash of the 2022 Honda Civic

Do you prefer the new one or the old one?

Will Honda retain the Civic’s global reputation of being a street tuner looking car? Or will the Honda give the car a tamer and subdued overall design? We’ll find out soon enough as the 11th generation Honda Civic is expected to arrive in the markets in June next year.

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