Geely says the Okavango is not an SUV

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Hear it from the Okavango's design head himself.

When the Geely Okavango arrived in the country last November 2020, many were confused about what category this model belongs to. For the most part, the Okavango is either categorized as an MPV or an SUV. It possesses the tough stance of an SUV, as well as the family car characteristic usually offered by MPVs.

Geely Okavango front view

The Geely Okavango features a muscular exterior design

But Geely Shanghai’s design studio Guy Burgoyne had already clarified what type of vehicle the Okavango is from the get-go. He said that the model is a cross MPV. When asked to describe it, a cross MPV offers the best of the SUV and MPV worlds.

“As the first crossover MPV from Geely, the Okavango was designed to fit multiple life scenarios: the daily drive to work, morning school runs, and even the occasional drive out of the city to the countryside with the family during a weekend,” said Geely Design China Deputy General Manager Huang Ning.

Geely Okavango interior view

Interior space is maximized

From the outside, the Geely Okavango does look like an SUV with its muscular styling, sharp character lines, and ride height. The roof rack also helps create an SUV-like appeal where it can be taken to the countryside with the family. However, Geely thinks that the MPV-like configuration of the interior is sufficient to the point that owners won’t have to use the roof racks.

Moving to the interior, the Okavango offers a flexible space layout thanks to its 19 seat configurations. The second-row seats can be individually folded down to maximize space. Another MPV-like feature is the impressive headroom that benefits even third-row passengers. Mr. Huang said that the Okavango comes with no fewer than 42 storage spaces.

Geely Okavango interior view

It comes with MPV-like interior features

The Geely Okavango cross MPV sure is a unique vehicle delivered from the design brilliance of the Chinese marque. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it has been selling well for Geely Philippines. This type of configuration makes the Okavango a versatile vehicle that can address various market demands.

“The Okavango embodies energetic spirit with technology to bring customers a crossover with extended space. We hope the Okavango will bring a wonderful distinct new mobility experience for our customers,” added Huang.

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Know more about Geely Okavango 2024

Geely Okavango

The Geely Okavango 2023 is the first seven-seater from Geely Philippines for the Philippine market, which also makes it the biggest model in the lineup so far. Its quirky name was taken from the Okavango Delta, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and the 1,000th World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. Despite its unibody platform, Geely’s third model for Filipino customers is actually longer and wider than mainstream contenders in the truck-based midsize SUV category, measuring 4,835mm long, 1,900mm wide, and 1,785mm high. Ground clearance, however, is at a rather low 194mm.   

The Geely Okavango’s price Philippines ranges from Php 1,523,000 for the base Comfort variant to Php 1,765,000 for the range-topping Urban Plus. Rivals in its segment include the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Nissan Terra, Isuzu D-Max, and Ford Ranger

₱ 1,523,000 - ₱ 1,765,000

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