Fuel price update: Companies to decrease prices this week

Updated Mar 24, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

Here are the details for this week's massive fuel price rollbacks.

A number of Philippine fuel companies will be adjusting the prices of their fuel products this week to be more in-line with international oil prices.

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These fuel price adjustments in the Philippines are due to a number of compounding reasons, which include economic slowdown due to the community quarantine measures enacted by numerous LGUs and NCR to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

A bidding war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has also started several days ago.

A picture of EDSA with traffic

Here's EDSA on a normal day.... (Picture was taken November 2019)

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Here are the specifics:

I. Chevron Corporation Philippines (Caltex)

These price rollbacks for Caltex fuels will be effective at exactly 12:01 a.m., March 17, 2020.

 Caltex fuels Price  
Platinum 95 and Silver 91 gasoline Drop Php 4.25 per liter
Techron Diesel Drop Php 4.25 per liter
Kerosene Drop Php 4.35 per liter

II. Clean Fuel Philippines

These price rollbacks for Clean Fuel will be effective at 4:01 p.m., March 15, 2020.

 Clean Fuel Price  
Premium 95 and Unleaded 91 Drop Php 4.00/ liter
Diesel Drop Php 4.00/ liter

III. SeaOil Philippines

Pricing rollbacks for SeaOil will be effective at 6:00 a.m., March 16, 2020.

 SeaOil fuels Price  
Extreme 97, Extreme 95, and Unleaded91 gasoline Drop Php 4.25/ liter
Exceed Diesel Drop Php 4.25/ liter
Kerosene Drop Php 4.35/ liter

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IV. Shell Philippines

Pricing rollbacks for Shell Philippines will take effect at 6:00 a.m., March 17, 2020.

Shell Philippines fuels
V Power Nitro Plus + Racing 97, V-Power Nitro+ 95, and FuelSave 91 gasoline
Drop Php 4.25/ liter
V Power Nitro N + Diesel and Fuel Save Diesel
Drop Php 4.25/ liter
Drop Php 4.35/ liter

V. Flying V Philippines

Pricing rollbacks for Flying V products will take effect at 6:00 a.m., March 17, 2020.

Flying V fuels
Rush 97, Thunder 95, and Volt 91
Drop Php 4.00/ liter
Drop Php 4.00/ liter
Drop Php 4.50/ liter

VI. Petron Philippines

These pricing rollbacks for Petron fuels will take effect at 6:00 a.m., March 17, 2020.

 Petron fuels
Blaze 100, XCS 95 and Xtra91 gasoline
Drop Php 4.00/ liter
Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max
Drop Php 4.00/ liter
Drop Php 4.50/ liter

A picture of EDSA empty amidst the covid-19 outbreak

And here's EDSA yesterday (March 15, 2020). In short, there's a reduced demand for fuel. [Photo Source: GMA Network]

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