Foton Gratour TM300 is an ideal business partner amid COVID-19

Updated Oct 26, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

It is offered with five different body options.

Eight months into quarantine protocols, the country is still facing adversities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been disrupted to limit the transmission of the coronavirus. 

For this reason, Foton Motor Philippines offers a reliable mobility solution that is ideal in today’s time. The Foton Gratour TM300 is a vehicle built to withstand any challenges on the road. It addresses transportation needs such as cargo movement, online business deliveries, and a lot more.

Foton Gratour TM300 Dropside front view

The Foton Gratour TM300 Dropside

This Foton Gratour is powered by a 2.2-liter Euro 4-compliant diesel engine. It is offered with various body options such as the Dropside, F-Van, MPV, Wing Van, and Class 1 F-Jeepney.

Foton Gratour TM300 F-Van side view

The Foton Gratour TM300 F-Van

The Dropside body option hauls a strong steel plate flat bed sheet and a 10-ft cargo length while offering easy access with its three droppable-sides.

Meanwhile, the F-Van body option has a rated payload capacity of 1,130 kg. It sports a wide all-steel interior and a back door secured with metal locks.

Foton Gratour TM300 MPV interior view

The Foton Gratour TM300 MPV

For those who wish to move people comfortably, Foton offers the MPV body option that can transport both passenger and cargo. It features a spacious interior and legroom that can carry as much as 16 passengers.

Foton Gratour TM300 Wing Van front view

The Foton Gratour TM300 Wing Van

The Wing Van body option comes with three lift-able doors. This body option is ideal for those who will start a mobile kitchen, ‘palengke,’ and ‘tindahan.’

Foton Gratour TM300 Class 1 F-Jeepney side view

The Foton Gratour TM300 Class 1 F-Jeepney

Last but not the least, Foton offers the Class 1 F-Jeepney body option. The said Foton vehicle can be the perfect solution for transportation needs especially now with the country’s shift to modern jeepneys. It comes with a CCTV camera, Beep Automatic Fare Collection System, air-conditioned interiors, portable WiFi, and GPS tracker.

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Foton Gratour TM300 Class 1 F-Jeepney interior view

The Foton Gratour TM300 Class 1 F-Jeepney (interior)

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Know more about Foton Gratour 2021

Foton Gratour

Foton is known for producing pickup trucks, large commercial vans, and heavy-duty trucks. This diversified as the brand made its entry into smaller carriers. The Gratour is Foton Philippines’ line of commercial vehicles that comes in eight variants. These are the Dropside, F-Van, Jeepney, Wing Van, MT MPV, TM MPV, 8-Seater Minivan, and the most recently released iM6 MPV 2020 version. Its variety of models can cater to a range of commercial or domestic requirements. The Gratour is powered by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine attached to a manual transmission. Its most premium iM6 variant is a compact MPV that offers a slew of safety and tech features such as automatic climate control, a touchscreen entertainment system. The MPV produces 115 hp and 150 Nm of torque which proves adequate for hauling cargo and carrying a full car of passengers.

From ₱520,000

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