Ford Ranger Raptor 2019's reservations destines a soon-to-be price revelation?

Aug 30, 2018 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
Bert Lessard, the FP Managing Director, predicated Ford was feeling ecstatic to bring the Ford Ranger 2019 to our country.

The Ranger Raptor 2019 will be taken for reservations, Ford Philippines (FP) revealed. So, it’s high time you saved money for this pickup masterpiece.

The announcement of the reservations also means Ford will soon let their fans informed of the price, so if its price range may be within your reach, get ready to pay a visit to a Ford dealership and all we are waiting for right now is when the Ranger hits our showrooms because Bert Lessard, the FP Managing Director, predicated the American automaker was feeling ecstatic to bring it to the Philippines.

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Angular front of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2019

Bert Lessard, the FP managing director, predicated Ford was feeling ecstatic to bring the Ranger Raptor 2019 to our country

He showed his hope that Ford dealers in the Philippine market join hands in accepting reservations. He suggested inviting the car enthusiasts to the dealerships for an advanced booking. It’s all for the customers’ sake due to the fact that there should be no one other than Ford dealers who devotedly give the best advice on picking a model for their best knowledge of Ford products.

Don’t forget to stay tuned with for the latest car news about the Ford Ranger Raptor 2019’s price will be soon announced by Ford Philippines.