Subaru Levorg 2020 to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this month

Oct 04, 2019 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
In the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will unveil the Subaru Levorg 2020.

1. The second generation Subaru Levorg 2020

During this year’s upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will be debuting several vehicles. One is the WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition which will be a sad affair. WRX STI fans are a loyal bunch after all so we expect to see a lot of mixed emotions once the EJ20 engine will be retired.

For a bit of good news though, Subaru will also be introducing another model at the event; the 2nd-generation, 2020 Subaru Levrog. For now, though, information about this new Levorg, even pictures, are scarce.

From what we can see though, it appears to slightly smaller than the 2019 Subaru Levrog which is the current version available here in the Philippines. The front fascia will also be changed a while towards the sides, the character lines appear to have been given more depth.

Subaru Levorg 2020 rear look

Here's that sneak peek of the new Levorg. Notice the sharper character lines?

2. Subaru Levorg 2020: Possibly built under the Subaru Global Platform

Just like the next iteration of the Subaru WRX, there’s a chance that the all-new 2020 Levorg will be using the Subaru Global Platform. This means that the new version of the WRX’s wagon version will be more rigid but at the same time more capable of providing safety in the event of a crash. The ride quality will also see some vast improvements; better noise insulation, fewer vibrations, and less harshness.

Subaru Viziv concept

Will it look like the Subaru Viziv? Maybe, may not

3. More safety features for the 2020 Levorg

Another new thing that might be possible for the new Levrog is that it might come equipped with the updated Subaru EyeSight driver assist system. The current version on the 2019 Levorg already has single lane autonomy and lane keeping assist.

4. Any news about engines?

Regarding this, the rumors are saying that the new 2nd-generation Levorg will be using a new engine from a new engine series that comes with the Subaru Global Platform.

The current 2019 Levorg’s 1.6 liters might be replaced by a turbocharged 1.5 liter that can make around 150 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. While the information on transmission choices are saying that the new Levorg will remain a CVT, we do hope that a sportier manual version will become available.

Here's the preview video of the 2020 Subaru Levorg

While the production version of the actual Levrog might not arrive until the middle of 2020, let’s just wait until the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show which is scheduled to start on October 24. If you’re too excited, you might also want to check out the currently available 2019 Subaru Levorg in our car sales section.

Source: Cesar Guiderone Miguel