All-new Kia Soul 2020 refreshed with aggressive design

Dec 01, 2018 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
Third-gen Kia Soul 2020 receive a radical makeover, still remain funky styling cues.

It was not until Los Angeles Auto Show 2018 did Kia finally revealed its latest crossover Kia Soul 2020. Kia insists that this is an all-new model running on an all-new platform, though a lot of people are slightly unsupportive of their statement.

It was teaser after teaser before they finally blew away the curtains on this one. The new model retains the same box-shaped body that's generic to Kia lineups. However, there are a couple of tweaks that were made the boxy body snazzier to the eyes. There are also subtle changes under the hood that upgraded the performance. In case you aren't "in-the-know" of the company's most recent update, below are the adjustments made to the 2020 model.

Red KIA Soul

The new model retains the same box-shaped body that's generic to Kia models

2020 Kia Soul: First Look

The Exterior

  • The front now has a two-tier design specifically for the headlights.
  • The headlights are sharper, more edgy and sleeker in design instead of the big, circular headlights from its predecessor.
  • The windows black panel reaches all the way to the edge of the sides which makes a "floating roof" illusion.
  • A humble "Soul" lettering is embedded on the black-colored plastic that will mostly be noticed by keen-eyed guests.
  • The new Kia Soul 2020 retains its headlights but with a minor tweak. It is still horizontal but is connected to a slightly-tilted horizontal part; making a boomerang-shaped tail light.
  • It is now equipped with 2 exhausts and is located in the middle of the rear bumper.
  • There are also new 18-inch wheels that deliver a sportier look.

Kia Soul 2020 front look

The headlights are sharper, more edgy and sleeker in design

Kia Soul 2020 Rear Look

Third-gen Kia Soul is now equipped with 2 exhausts in the middle of the rear bumper

The Interior

  • Most of the interior remains the same as the current Kia Soul model, including both center console and the dashboard.
  • If you can pay high enough, there's also the more expensive variant where there are a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Harman Kardon speakers and a head's up view of 8 inches.

Kia Soul 2020 Interior

Soul 2020 shares the sane Interior with the old version

The Powertrain 

  • The third-gen Kia Soul is available with either turbocharged gas or turbodiesel. 
  • Turbocharged 2.0-l is able to produce out 147 PS and 179 Nm of torque, transferred by a manual six-speed transmission. Meanwhile, 1.6-l turbodiesel makes 201 PS and 264 Nm torque with a 7-speed automatic dual clutch. 

Kia Soul 2020 Power train

2 options of engine systems are available for new Kia Soul 2020

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Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez