Tips & tricks to get the most out of your hybrid cars

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Owning a hybrid car is becoming a trend. If you are owning or planning to have one, this is the right place to visit cause we will leak 5 tips to get the most out of hybrid cars for you.

Hybrid vehicles are mainly appreciated for eco-friendly features, however, these types of vehicles do not come cheap. In fact, the most well-known and dependable hybrid vehicles are usually the ones that are manufactured by the same reputable automakers known for their edgy vehicles.

That’s why a lot of hybrid-owners, (whether new to it or an all-time fan), look for ways to get the most out of their purchase while still caring for their vehicle.

If you are one of the fortunate few people in the Philippines who can afford a hybrid, then good thing you’re here! We have here a few tips on how you can get the most out of your hybrid without pushing beyond its limits. Take a good read on this article from below.

1. Tip 1: Seldom use it for long drives

If you drive a good-quality hybrid, then there’s a chance that your car could be running on battery as well. Battery works in a different way than compared to engine-powered vehicles. Unlike fuel-powered engines, batteries can’t release a strong power that will let the vehicle pull up against hills or go really fast.

If you want your hybrid and its parts to have a longer life, only use it for short drives and make sure that you avoid using it to drive over 100 kilometers per hour. This not only pushes the battery to generate more power, but it also pushes the parts to work faster and harder which can eventually wear everything until damaged.

Hybrid car

If you want your hybrid and its parts to have a longer life, only use it for short drives

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2. Tip 2: Activate ECO Mode when driving on the highway

Most hybrids have an ECO Mode. The main purpose of this setting is that it reduces your hybrid’s fuel consumption by decreasing the capability to accelerate. If you’re new to the concept of hybrid cars or have never driven one before, then you may not get the desired results when you try to do this.

To explain ECO mode briefly, this mode doesn’t necessarily change the engine or speed of the vehicle. It does change the sensitivity of the accelerator however, and this tweaks the vehicle to use less fuel than actually required. We advise that you use this mode when you don’t require your hybrid’s pedal to be too reactive or sensitive.

If you are able to apply the ECO Mode successfully, you can expect enhanced fuel efficiency and more value for your money.

ECO-Mode button

Most hybrids have an ECO Mode

3. Tip 3: Reduce instances pushing the brakes too hard

This tip is something you can apply to all the vehicles that man made. The unnecessary and abrupt use of your brakes can result in multiple problems when it comes to regular fuel-powered vehicles. When it comes to hybrid cars however, applying the brakes too hard can make you lose power.

Unlike regular vehicles where brake pads get thinner when you press the brake too hard; rapid and sudden braking action in a hybrid can drain the electricity source very quickly.

By the time you lift your foot off the brakes, the braking power still hasn’t regenerated yet since it has been drained from the pedals. It will take a couple of seconds before it can generate power again.

Stop a manual car

The unnecessary and abrupt use of your brakes can result in multiple problems

Do your best to refrain from hard braking to avoid power loss. Instead, apply light pressures only and don’t wait until the last minute before you actually have to apply the brakes. Keep your hybrid about a few seconds away from the vehicle in front of you.

The distance should be enough for you to apply light braking pressures rather than a hard and hasty step on the brake pedal. This will give your vehicle the capability to regenerate power because the brakes are not drained.

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4. Tip 4: Cut power usage on accessories

Your car accessories include the exterior and interior lights, your air conditioning system, the audio assembly, the horn and so on. Even though these parts are referred to as “accessories”, they actually play an important role in your safety and convenience while driving.

However, you will need to minimize the use of these accessories if you want to get the most out of your hybrid. Like in regular fuel-powered vehicles, the use of accessories consumes either fuel or power from the battery. This happens the same way with your hybrid except that your hybrid doesn’t run on the usual gas but on other renewable fuel products.

man checking the car AC

You will need to minimize the use of car accessories if you want to get the most out of your hybrid

If your hybrid vehicle has an ECO mode, use this more often. This is an intelligent setting where your car detects the state of your environment using its sensors and adjusts to it. For example, it keeps your car’s air conditioning at the optimal level so it requires less power.

While the ECO mode is on, the rest of the accessories also use less power. However, you will still need to try your best to practice energy-saving tips without depending on your vehicle’s intelligent technology. Start with turning the headlights off when you are driving in broad daylight.

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5. Tip 5: Follow instructions on manual

This is probably the most obvious thing to do, especially if you’re new to the whole concept of hybrid vehicles. Before you consult the opinion of other vehicle owners or look up your problem on the internet, you may want to check the manual that came with your vehicle first.

This is the unspoken rule when it comes to car care and maintenance. The manual will always be the best source of info that you can trust when it comes to your hybrid’s upkeep. It will contain all the info that you need to know about your vehicle like the ones below:

  • The different power supplies that can serve as fuel to your hybrid.
  • How to take care of each power channel.
  • Procedures that you need to perform on each and every part of the vehicle to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • How often should these procedures be performed and reminders when doing them.
  • Different modes and how to utilize them to get the most out of your hybrid.
  • Things you should avoid and/or should never do to your vehicle.

Reading manual

The manual will always be the best source of info that you can trust when it comes to your hybrid’s upkeep

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