How long do hybrid car batteries last?

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A good question with the world shifting to hybrid cars.

Many countries are slowly shifting to offer eco-friendly vehicles for various reasons such as better fuel economy and cleaner emissions. Europe is one of the first markets to do just that as car brands in the said market have taken the initiative to go all-electric as early as 2030.

The rest of the world will be doing the same and we will likely see significant changes in the next 20 years. With that being said, it is best to know the basic functionalities of a hybrid car’s power source, its battery. One of the main concerns of owners now is  how long hybrid car batteries last.

A battery from a hybrid powertrain

A hybrid car's battery is significantly larger than an internal combustion engine (ICE)'s battery [Photo: Electrive]

There is a difference between the 12V battery that conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) and a hybrid car’s battery. Most car batteries run for around three to five years only and are usually powering accessories only.

A hybrid car’s battery, on the other hand, powers the electric motors which are used to generate thrust and generally lasts for a long time.

How long do hybrid car batteries last?

One of the leading car manufacturers that produce hybrid cars, Toyota, claims that its hybrid batteries will last for around eight years. If you daily drive a hybrid car for eight years, this could mean that you have already registered a 160,000 km mileage.

Toyota engine

Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers in the global hybrid market

Some hybrid car batteries last longer than eight years. There are hybrid car batteries that last from as much as 10 to 15 years of ownership, or around 200,000 km to 300,000 km. This is possible with the proper maintenance and few life-extending driving habits.

However, there are also hybrid car batteries that will last for only five years, or around 100,000 km if daily driven. The lifespan of a hybrid car battery will depend on how you drive it and the maintenance services you put in. But generally, hybrid car batteries do last for a very long time.

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3 Factors that affect hybrid car battery life

Just like most car parts, various factors affect a hybrid car battery’s lifespan. Hybrid cars are specifically designed so car consumers will have easier and more convenient car ownership. It would be a shame to see a hybrid car become less effective than a car with conventional ICE due to reduced battery lifespan.

Toyota Corolla Altis front view

The Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid available in the PH market

To help you have an idea of what to avoid when driving a hybrid car, we have listed down three factors that affect its battery. By avoiding these factors, you could be saving more for maintenance, fuel, and the hefty replacement cost.

1. Weather

In areas with extremely low temperatures, hybrid cars tend to be inefficient as they require more time to heat up as compared to a conventional ICE. If this is the case on a day-to-day basis, the cold will deteriorate the lifespan of the hybrid car battery resulting in more frequent battery repair or replacement.

The same happens in areas with extremely high temperatures. Car manufacturers are coming up with different ways to enhance their car’s cooling system to achieve better performance. Driving in hot weather will force batteries to exert more energy to comply with its computer’s ideal engine operation.

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2. Unused for a long time

If you are planning to go on a vacation for a very long time, that could affect your hybrid car’s battery life. A hybrid car battery does not only provide energy for engine operation, but it also receives energy from the vehicle’s momentum resulting in charging it.

With that being said, you should lend your hybrid car to a relative or friend if say you are going away for two months or more. You can also unplug the battery, but some manufacturers recommend that you should keep it plugged to avoid deteriorating it. As such, consult your owner’s manual first.

3. Age

This is a common factor you can consider when determining the life span of your hybrid car’s battery. As said earlier, the average life span of a hybrid car battery is around eight years. From this point on, there is a good chance that you might replace it already so it will perform its ideal function.

Attending your hybrid car’s preventive maintenance service (PMS) will help you determine how long will its battery last. The age will always be a strong indicator for repair and replacement of your hybrid car battery so take note and follow prescribed maintenance routines.

A hybrid car's engine bay

Save some gas money by driving a hybrid car

Extending hybrid car battery life

The best way in extending your hybrid car’s battery life is by following its regular checkup. This will help car mechanics determine the problems of your hybrid car battery so they can provide an early solution before it affects its life span. With this, you can save money from fuel and maintenance costs in the long run.

A hybrid badging

Eco-friendly vehicles are the future

Another way you can extend your hybrid car’s battery life is to slow it down instead of hitting the brakes hard. Engineers have designed hybrid cars to be as efficient as possible. One way it offers great efficiency is through regenerative braking which you do by coasting.

Lastly, find a place where you can store it away from harsh environments. If you have a garage, it’s better to always park it inside. Both extreme hot and cold weather will affect your hybrid car’s battery life. As such, a garage will help your hybrid car’s battery maintain a good and nonviolent temperature.

How long do hybrid car batteries last: FAQs

Q: What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car uses either a gas or diesel engine paired with at least one electric motor.

Q: Does a hybrid car produce better fuel efficiency?

Yes, hybrid cars can recharge by coasting which results in better fuel efficiency.

Q: What is the difference between a hybrid and an all-electric car?

A hybrid car uses an internal combustion engine (ICE), while an all-electric car doesn’t.

Q: Are there ways to extend my hybrid car’s battery life span?

There are plenty of ways to extend a hybrid car’s battery life span such as avoiding extreme weather.

Q: How much are hybrid cars in the Philippines?

Hybrid cars in the Philippines are generally more expensive than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. The price range varies for every car brand. On average, you can get a hybrid car for around Php 1,700,000.

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