PMS Car Guideline: Keeping Your New Car in Tip-Top Shape

Updated Aug 04, 2020

We’ll give you a better understanding of the PMS car manual to put it to good use.

Being able to buy your own car is a personal and financial fulfillment for most of us, especially since the cost of living in the Philippines is no longer as low as before. Some may consider a car a luxury but it has already become a necessity because of the continuous increase in transportation fare and the overwhelming difficulty of commuting.

However, as similar to any product that we buy, we often ignore the manual that comes with the vehicle that we just bought. The thing is that the documentation given by your manufacturer, especially the PMS car manual, has a great impact on the lifespan of your vehicle, which you invested a huge amount of money. Let’s learn more about this piece of document for you to better understand its role.

a toyota car is undergoing pms

Owning a Car also Means You Need to Maintain It

I. What Is PMS in Cars?

When it comes to the PMS car meaning, PMS stands for Preventive Maintenance Schedule, which can come as a thin booklet or manual, or just simply written on the warranty booklet. From the name itself, this serves as a guide for new car owners as to when some parts of their car need to be changed or replenished for it to stay in shape or prevent any damages or malfunctions.

The schedule given has been made possible because, throughout the years, manufacturers and designers have learned when a certain component can start to wear and tear down. That is all thanks to the advancement in technology and mechanical engineering.

cars are being under PMS

PMS car meaning there might be parts that need to be replaced or upgraded

Things to Keep in Mind about PMS for cars:

We all know that when we talk about preventive maintenance, we are talking about money since you need to pay for the shop or the mechanic who would perform the task or tasks. Similarly, there might be parts that need to be replaced or upgraded, which add more to the cost.

So, before you head out to find a cheaper mechanic, you should consider the following:

  • The preventive maintenance procedure should only be done by the authorized dealer, although it might be more expensive. That is because once you let another mechanic or shop works on your new car, the warranty would be null and void. Hence, whatever is covered by your car’s warranty is also void, which would eventually make you spend more when something goes wrong with your car.
  • Always stick to the suggested schedule written on the guide because ignoring such will also void the warranty. Meaning, when you go the dealer to have the procedure done a day after the required schedule, your car’s warranty will no longer be honored.
  • Understand what needs and what is not needed to be done in your car. This way, you can save up on unnecessary procedures offered by the dealer during your visit.

II. What Are Included in the PMS car?

Generally, the things in your car that need to be checked and maintained regularly are those that are consumable as well as those that are exposed to friction and mechanical wear and tear. Some of the most important ones are:

1. Oil

The car’s oil is responsible for making sure that all the mechanical parts of the unit work smoothly. The oil is usually exposed to dust coming from the air and bits of metal that are scraped off from the other parts of the car. Hence, it needs to be flushed out and replaced to prevent engine blockages.

That said, synthetic oil is always recommended since, for the next oil changes, you may no longer need to buy a whole bottle of oil since the mechanic can simply add more, instead of replacing everything.

2. Oil filters

These work hand in hand with the oil as they are responsible for making sure that no or little amount of debris or dirt enters the oil. That said, once they are not replaced, the oil will get dirty before the next oil change. For this, it is advisable that you purchase the highest quality filter as well as the one that matches your car perfectly.

3. Belts

Fan, drive, steering, and timing belts all play an important role in making sure that you can maneuver your car efficiently as well as to keep the engine at the right temperature. Since they move each time the car is used and they are made of rubber, they will have nicks, scratches, and the likes over time. Hence, they need to be replaced frequently.

4. Transmission

Your car’s transmission is responsible for making sure that the right speed and torque is transmitted. This requires oil flush and regular checkup.

PMS car Checklist

The periodic maintenance service checklist includes many components of a car

III. What Schedule Should Be Followed?

It should be noted that the car PMS checklist schedule is not the same for all car models and brands. Of course, that is because car manufacturer’s have different requirements and engineering technology.

That said, as a guide, collated the schedules that are common to the majority of car brands.

1. One-thousand-kilometer check-up

This is usually done in order to make sure that the car is working properly, especially since it has just been out on the road. At this stage, the oil and filter might need changing because the metal parts have just started working, so some bits of metal are released. This stage also entails the checking of all the other parts mentioned above.

2. Four- or Five-thousand-kilometer check-up

This is the second time oil and oil filters are replaced or changed. For most gasoline cars, this is done when the car has a mileage of 4,000 kilometers while for diesel engines, it is at 5,000 kilometers. Other components are also replaced and checked.

Car Mileage

Your Car’s Mileage Is the Usual Indicator of PMS

3. Ten-thousand-kilometer check-up

Again, oil change is done and regular checkup and replacement or parts are done.

Learn more details about these milestones for new car maintenance here.

toyota pms price guide in the Philippines

Toyota PMS price guide in the Philippines

IV. PMS Cars: The Conclusion

Overall, you need to learn and understand the PMS car documentation that comes with your new vehicle so that you know when your car needs to go to the authorized service center for regular checkup and maintenance. By following such, you are assured that your car’s warranty is intact and your car is in tip-top shape every time you use it.

We hope that this post helped you appreciate the value of properly maintaining your car as well as reading your car’s PMS.

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