3 important milestones for new car maintenance schedule

Updated Oct 22, 2020 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

An easy guide to take care of your vehicle at the most basic level.

While it is recommended that car owners should have a maintenance and preventive inspection schedule, this important task still seems to be neglected by many lazy owners. Fortunately, if some manuals are too thick for lazy car owners to look through, a guide for maintenance schedule is a way thinner booklet, which means it is easier to digest. In this material, owners will find essential information of how to take care of their vehicles at the most basic level so as to ensure the efficient operation of the vehicles.

Car car is being maintained

It is recommended that car owners should have a maintenance and preventive inspection schedule

One thing to bear in mind is that what is done at every service interval is pretty alike. Even if you are a lazy owner, make sure that at the very least you don't forget the three following milestones to have your car checked up:

Milestone #1: 1,000km checkup

Thanks to advances in general automotive technology, lubricants, and metallurgy, it no longer takes much time and money to keep engines in an excellent shape. In fact, in recent years, the first 1000 check-up now has become quite optional, depending on different cars.

For this first milestone, only a quick check-up on some basic critical system is enough. An installation of floor mats, HVAC and brake system check, and fuel leak are inspected to ascertain there will not be untoward incidents. While you can change oil filters and engine oil, engine coolant and washer fluid can be topped up.

changing engine oil

While you can change oil filters and engine oil, engine coolant and washer fluid can be topped up

Generally speaking, this is quite a checkup which is to detect possible problems your car may encounter so that you avoid unexpected incidents on the road.

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Milestone #2: The 5,000km checkup

There are some cars that require an oil filter or engine oil change except for the fluid leaks’ mandatory hunt. A top up is something you should do.

At this point, motorists may have familiarized themselves with their beloved cars. For some cars, this 5,000 check-up is seen like the new 1000km and may not require you to change oil in normal driving conditions.

Also bear in mind that with traffic becoming worse and worse these days, driving conditions in Metropolitan Manila is not considered to be normal by auto manufacturer standards. That is why uneven wear tyres should be checked and rotated when the vehicle reaches this milestone.

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Milestone #3: The 10,000km checkup

Now that it is high time for an oil change, you should always pick up high-quality engine oil, don’t be stingy.

On the list of items requires to be checked up, parking brake operation, axle joints, drive boots, and brake shoes and pads should always be taken care of. For manual transmissions, the clutch operation is supposed to be closely looked at, so are the suspension and steering systems.

Up until this kilometer reading, it won’t take you any major costs which only come at milestone intervals normally around every 20,000km. An additional substitute system will be added according to the mileage.

Always remember to carefully read the service schedule guide which shows you specific tasks to do at each interval. The service schedule guide is like a compass without which we are like a ship adrift at sea.

After all, your car is a valuable property that you use on a daily basis whether for work or leisure. If you don't want to waste your hard-earned money on unnecessary issues, why not following our helpful car maintenance tips to prolong the lifespan of your beloved car?