9 Effective Car Maintenance Tips for All Car Owners in the Philippines

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Follow us and discover important habits for every car owners to keep your car healthy!

I bet one of those wish list would be to “buy a house” – I did too. I’m pretty sure that you also had the time when you always pass by a car dealership showroom, stop and stare at that cute, little hatchback that you dream of getting someday – and surprise!

With all the low down payment and very affordable monthly payment options available, you were able to scratch that “buy a car” item in your checklist earlier than you expected. Now, you go to your office fresh and clean and arrive there in the same state, and your fambam don’t look all haggard anymore whenever you have your Sunday lunch – all because you now have your own car to make these all possible.

Woman jumping excitedly for her new car

When we finally get our own car, we are very happy and excited to use it as much as we can!

You pay for it monthly, with your hard earned money and ever since owning it, you can’t imagine a day not driving it. If that’s the case, it sounds like your car is one of your most valuable and loved assets. If you love something, you should take care of it and not just use it daily until it wears out.

As a car owner, you have responsibilities to your car to keep it healthy and strong so you can keep it for a longer period of time.

Any idea what are those? Read on to make a new list to ensure that your car’s health is well maintained.

1. Weekly fluid check

This could be one of the neglected maintenance of some car owners, until they feel an impact in their daily lives that caused them road hassle. 

So instead of going through a rough road problem, just give some time to check the fluid levels in your vehicle. These fluids include the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

By checking these fluids at least weekly, you can be sure that your engine is going to run smoothly, and keep your car in its best health too.

checking his car's fluid level

It pays to check your car's fluid levels at least weekly to ensure that nothing is leaking

2. Tire pressure check

I have talked about this a lot of times before and I’ll talk about it again now to emphasize the importance of tire pressure.

Tires carry the weight of your vehicle, ensures that you are travelling safely on the road. Given this heavy responsibility on its shoulders, it will be best to pay attention to the tire pressure. Not only that it will save you from potential road accident, it will also make sure that your tires last as long as they should.

3. Tire tread depth check

Since we are already talking about tires and wheels, let’s discuss another important tire point – tire treads. This is also as equally important as tire pressure to ensure everyone’s safety while riding the car. 

You know those lines on your car tires? They are called treads. Having good tire treads means the tires have good traction, like they are able to get a good grip on the road. Treads also allow water to escape from the tire when the car traverses a wet road.

Ever heard of this trick to check your car’s tread depth by using a P1 coin? Check out yourself!

a photo of a tire's tread

Tire treads also ensures our safety by making sure that our tires have a good grip on the road

4. Wheel alignment and tire rotation

Another important thing for road safety. Make sure to have your wheel alignment checked and rotated regularly to avoid you feeling your car vibrate as you drive and also to avoid uneven wearing of your tires. By doing this, you will keep you and your family’s safety a top priority plus you will also lengthen your car tires’ lives.

Wheel alignment process

Wheel alignment makes sure that you have properly balanced wheels

5. Yearly car maintenance check up

A once or twice a year car maintenance check up with your favorite car shop or mechanic brings a huge positive impact on your car’s health. It actually varies on the car make and model, however it is suggested to do a car maintenance check every 5,000 - 7,500km mileage. 

This preventive car maintenance schedule usually involves the tandem of tune up and change oil and change of filters, as necessary. This may also involve checking your car’s air conditioning system, other car fluid checks and even spark plug change.

A photo showing how PMS is done

PMS is very important to know if there are parts that already need to be replaced and if your car is in good condition

6. Battery check

Having a previous experience of major battery failure while on the road, this one should definitely be part of every car owner’s checklist. If you’re already having a hard time starting up the car, one of the possible causes is a failing battery. Once you experience start up issues, have your battery checked right away.

A photo showing how car battery is checked

Regular battery check can prevent sudden car breakdown

7. Check drive belts

Drive belts are responsible for all the mechanical power distribution throughout the engine. They transfer the energy needed from the camshaft or crankshaft to other parts of the car that requires mechanical power such as: alternator, air condition, compressor power steering pump, air pump, water pump, etc. So it is important to check this car part regularly too so you can be sure of a smooth running vehicle.

checking drive belt

One of the important things to check is the drive belt

8. Transmission overhaul or clutch replacement

If you are already experiencing car gear slips, it is time for you to have your clutch checked and replaced if necessary. Don’t let these skip your regular check-up for safer travels.

Here are some basic knowledge about car transmission that might be helpful for your car care.

9. Be mindful of your fuel efficiency

If your car is consuming more gas than before it signals that there might be something going on in your car that needs checking, fixing or even replacing. If you notice that you are wasting gas more within your usual distance, take your car right away to your preferred mechanic to see what’s wrong.

 fuel gauge

Always check if you are consuming more gas than before - it could signal a potential problem

Doing the things above can surely save your car from potentially serious problems and at the same time saving your from very serious money spending too. We can prevent serious car problems if we just follow the above suggested ways to keep your car healthy.

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