Do you know this clever trick using a P1 coin to check your car’s tread depth?

Updated Nov 15, 2017 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Read full our article to know how to check your car’s tread depth with a P1 coin.

A car is constituted by more than 30,000 components and tires are among the most important parts. Over time, tires will wear out even when it isn’t usually used or has never been involved in any collision. That means the tread on your car tires still deteriorate little by little, even if you don’t drive frequently. Read our article to understand Why do unused car tires wear off & How to preserve car tires.

As the tread is getting worn out, the road grip will be decreased and it will be more difficult and dangerous either to break, turn or accelerate.

That is why car owners should regularly check how worn off the tires’ treads are to timely replace with new ones when the depth of the tread is too shallow.

However, do you know how to check your tires’ tread depth? Read through our article to get a clever trick to do this job.

What are treads on tires

But first, what are the treads? They are the grooves that run along the edge of the tire and create the car contact with the ground. The treads are designed to drive water out from the tires to prevent hydroplaning.

Understanding Tire Tread Depth and Types of Tires

What is the minimum legal tread depth?

In some countries, the standard depth of the tread is 1.6mm. However, according to some experts for car maintenance, owners should replace car tire before the tread depth reaches that limit. And now, we will reveal a clever trick that you can check your car’s tread depth anytime and anywhere.

A car tire with 1.6mm in depth of the tread

In some countries, the standard depth of the tread is 1.6mm

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How to check your car’s tread depth?

In the US, car owners use the quarter trick like a 25-cent coin to check how worn the tires are. Luckily, in the Philippines, we have P1 coin which has almost the same diameter as the 25-cent coin to use as an alternative.

So, how to use the P1 coin to check your car’s tread depth? Very easy. Put the coin into the groove and Jose Rizal's head on the coin is upright:

  • If the year lying below the head of Rizal is partly covered when put inside, your tires’ tread depth is still in a good condition.
  • On the other hand, if the groove can cover the whole of the coin, congratulations, your car is in need of a new tire! Replace it.

Remember that you have to do this step across the tire’s length. In the UK, if you check 75% of the length and the tire’s tread is at least 1.6mm, your car tire is still at a safe level. Here is a step-by-step instruction with video on how to change your car tires.

Putting the P1 coin into the groove

 Put the coin into the groove and Jose Rizal's head on the coin is upright

In fact, besides tread depth, there is a number of factors that can give you warning signs when you need a tire replacement. Click here to find out more tips for tire safety on

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