3 tire rotation patterns recommended for Pinoy car owners

Updated Apr 11, 2018 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Take proper care of your car by learning 3 basic tire rotation patterns in our post.

Every car owner knows this one fact: tire rotation helps prevent them from being worn-out. Wear can be caused by various factors (every single movement, bump or turn can make it happen). Therefore, the simple act of rotating your tires regularly could prolong the tire’s lifespan. This job may seem hassling to you but it could bring you a lot more sense of safety.

The known fact is your tires hardly wear evenly due to their different positions. As a result, some wear faster, some slower, because of which we need to move these tires around. With the list of 3 basic car tire rotation patterns recommended by Philkotse.com, we you can get the best out of it.

3 car tire rotation patterns

3 basic car tire rotation patterns

1. Tire rotaton pattern: Forward cross

Front wheel drive cars are suitable for this pattern. The movements of the front tires and rear tires are different in this case. The front tires need directing to the rear but the rear ones take a cross-movement towards the opposite sides. That is why if you own a FWD vehicle, it is advised that you should follow this type of tire rotaton pattern.

2. Tire rotaton pattern: X-Pattern

This pattern is also suggested to apply for front wheel drive cars. The name says it all, both the front tires and rear tires move in X diagonally to change the axle and side.

Video: How to rotate my tires on a front wheel drive car

3. Tire rotaton pattern: Rearward cross

This can be applied for 4-wheel and rear wheel cars and is totally opposite to what you do with the forward cross. To do this, the rear tires need to be directed forward to its side while the front tires move diagonally to the rear.

Video: DIY How to Rotate Tires on an RWD Rear Wheel Drive Car

We’ve just guided you through 3 basic and popular tire rotation patterns. In fact, there are many different ways to rotate your car tires, depending on which tires are being used and many more other factors. The three discussed in this article are the most commonly used. Car tires are without a doubt crucial components which require mindful maintenance. Learn more tips for car tires on Philkotse.com as follows: