7 Basic Car Maintenance All Philippine Drivers Should Know

Updated Oct 19, 2020

Let's understand the ins and outs of your car with these basic car maintenance!

In case you're a newbie, you may feel surprised by the majority of the duties you've quite recently gone up against. Just as when you enjoy driving much, being prevented from doing it will totally dismay you. Worry not, Philkotse.com has rounded up the basic steps in keeping your car in shape so you can jot it down before you engage in your planned long drive vacation!

1. Get your car an insurance

Cars without insurance is a costly issue, and car companies are putting a considerable measure of exertion into inspiring owners to get a coverage. Having your car insured is a smart choice have especially knowing the perils of driving in our roadways.

As a car owner, you have to ask questions (especially on the limitations of the coverage) and thoroughly discuss the insurance with an agent to fully maximize its coverage.

car insurance

You always have to think that no roadway is safe even you drive safely, so get your car insured

2. Find yourself a trusted, regular mechanic

It is completely obligatory to your auto's safety and also your budgetary welfare for you to practice a good and harmonious affiliation with an auto-mechanic you trust. Working with the same auto-mechanic all through your auto's life gives him or her a chance to become more acquainted with your auto, its full history, and its individual peculiarities. This can make investigating simpler and help your technician rapidly focus on simply the correct answer.

car mechanic

You will learn a thing or two everytime you watch your mechanic do his job. Be an observant

3. Know your car with the owner’s manual

There are a lot of things going on with our car that nobody can be relied upon to recall every last bit of it. In every owner manual, there is a maintenance graph that every car owner should check for before anything else. The graph will incorporate such data as when to replace the oil, turn tires, supplant the air channel, investigate fuel top what's more, lines, change different liquids (engine oil, transmission liquid) and other upkeep issues.

car owner's manual

There is an owner’s manual that you can consult to check for the specifics of your car

4. Monitor your car’s liquids weekly

There are a lot of friction going on inside your car, which may cause heat and may decrease your car’s performance. Keeping an eye on your car’s engine oil, transmission fluid, clutch oil, power-steering oil, brake fluid and coolant will guarantee your car’s performance and will do good in your fuel economy.

Basically, the engine oil has an amber hue, not black. If you see your oil has turned black, it may be an indication that your oil is contaminated with toxins, chemical additives, excessive heat and worst.

5. Be mindful of wheel condition and tire pressure

Right tire pressure is significant for appropriate vehicle maintenance to limit the hazard for untimely wear and even total tire exhaustion. However, tires lose air each day. Your auto may have a tire pressure cautioning system, yet it will do its work just when a tire drops down to a perilously low weight level.

Aside from tire pressure, checking your car's tire tread depth is also important to maintain. This is important so your car can be safe to use in different road surfaces and withstand weather. As the tread wears down, the wear bar turns out to be more obvious.

At the point when the tread is even with the wear bar the tires ought to be changed. Tires ought to be turned with each oil change and kept in alignment to guarantee even tread wear.

tire pressure and condition

Every car has different tire pressure; you can check your owner’s manual to locate the tire pressure appropriate for your car

6. Give your car a regular bath

Cleaning the outside of your auto is a critical piece of its support. You help anticipate erosion while keeping up the paint's defensive complete – crucial for keeping your auto’s health. Your number plates ought to be seen and visible (not covered by mud and sediment) and it is critical to keep all windows free of soil.

The capacity to squirt your windscreen with lathery water while moving is a noteworthy security include. Regard it thusly by ensuring you generally have enough screen wash in the store. Without compelling windscreen wipers, your auto ends up hazardous in stormy climate.

car wash

Your back windscreen is probably going to be most influenced by dirty splash, so make it a routine to always wash it decently

7. Check your car’s battery once in a while

Others sometimes forget to attend to this one. Not because batteries have “maintenance-free” labels don’t mean that you will neglect this simple car part maintenance. Inspect the battery terminal for any signs of buildup and deterioration.

Clean your car's battery terminal with a simple brush or even a brush specifically made for batteries and scrub off the stains and accumulation. This will ensure a prolonged battery. For sure, you don’t want to see yourself stranded out of nowhere just because of a dead battery, right? 

spare car battery

Better yet, have a spare battery available in your car’s back storage

8. Learn how to disconnect the batteries from your car

Speaking of the dead battery, you can easily solve this problem by your own by simply having a spare battery with you all the time and by knowing how to properly connect and disconnect your batteries when the situation arises.

One important reminder to keep in mind is that you should always disconnect the negative terminals first before the others to prevent short circuit. When reconnecting, you should do the opposite; reconnect with the positive terminal first.

disconnecting batteries

You should always disconnect the negative terminals first before the others to prevent short circuit

Maintaining your car’s health is relatively easy as long as you know the basics of car maintenance. At the very least, the best thing to consult about your car’s maintenance is your owner’s manual which pretty much contains most of the care and specifications of your car.

If you think the problem in your car can’t be solved by any of what’s listed in the manual, speaking to a trusted and reliable specialist is highly suggested. Also, do not forget that your car has an insurance coverage just call you agent for help as well.

Hanna Sanchez

Hanna Sanchez


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