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Having a luxury car doesn't only mean "Makapal ang bulsa". You also need to pay more attention to it than ever. Here the tips that you should notice when owning a fancy car.

Getting the car of your dreams usually involves a super expensive vehicle that you need to care for. If you’re into cars, then you may find car cleaning and maintenance a piece of cake. However, caring for a luxury car may be more challenging than you expect.

Slight damage or scratch in a luxury car can cost five times or more than getting a scratch repair done in a regular car. To save you from repair bills and mini heart attacks, follow the luxury car care tips Philkotse.com prepared below:

1. Adhere to regular maintenance

Regardless if your car is a luxury-type or an ordinary day-to-day four-wheeler, you would need to adhere to regular maintenance schedules in order to take care of it. Automakers, particularly those that are in the luxury car business, have a knack for making vehicles with exceptional comfort and style.

They usually mix it with safety features and sound structure. However, this does not completely save them from natural reasons that cause a car to break down and eventually corrode. This is where the need for regular maintenance comes in to save your car from wearing away with time.

Luxury car maintenance

You would need to adhere to regular maintenance schedules in order to take care of your car

Maintaining a luxury car isn’t very different from maintaining a regular one. You would have to get it cleaned, get the engine fluids checked out and refilled when necessary, and make sure that the wheels are aligned and so on. All the regular maintenance procedures for your luxury car are similar to those performed on regular performance cars.

The only difference is the cleaning products used and other procedure adjustments so the maintenance service is fitted perfectly according to your car’s specifications. For example, your car may require a different type of engine oil than most vehicles.

If your luxury car has also passed its third anniversary with you, you may need to make some of the maintenance procedures more frequent.

Car maintenance

Maintaining a luxury car isn’t very different from maintaining a regular one

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2. Take extra caution when driving

Accidents happen and even if you’re not an over-speeding driver, you can still manage to get caught up in one even when you least expect it. A road accident can bring about so many terrors and if you were lucky enough to have been spared in the event, you’d only wish your luxury car lives to see brighter days.

Some drivers think that accidents are unavoidable, and on rare occasions, this can actually be true. However, if you drive safely enough at a speed that lets you notice everything around your vehicle; you would be able to react immediately to spontaneous events.

By doing so, you increase the chances that you don’t end up with a fender dent, a broken headlight or worse, a mashed up luxury car. If you don’t know what we mean by “extra caution” when it comes to driving, here is some advice that you may need to consider:

Obey traffic rules and regulations in the Philippines. These are put up for a reason and it’s to keep everyone safe. Stop at red traffic lights. Slow down when you see a pedestrian lane. Stay under speed limits, especially if you’re driving close to churches, play-parks, and school areas.

Traffic signs

Obey traffic laws and signs that posted on the streets

Respect other drivers. It doesn’t mean that you have to be courteous and start greeting every driver on the road. Just respect other drivers the way you want to be respected. Don’t try to cut other vehicles or push them farther into their lane while driving.

You should also avoid overtaking at inconvenient parts of the road, like a blind turn or a one-way road. Being generous on the road also lets other drivers know that you’re not the usual obnoxious person that some people assume when they see someone driving a luxury car.

Man holding the steering wheel

You should also avoid overtaking at inconvenient parts of the road

Do not drive under the influence of any illegal substance. Taking liquor, illegally addictive drugs and other similar substances is already illegal in itself. Engaging in activities that may endanger the lives of others (like driving) adds up to the crimes that can be taken against you if you get caught.

Also, if you drive with a blurry vision after downing a few pints of liquor, a scratch on your luxury ride should be the least of your expectations.

Man drunk driving

Do not drive intoxicated or when under the influence of any illegal substance

3. Use the right products on your car

If you have the budget for a luxury car, then you should also expect that maintaining and cleaning the car is worth more than keeping a regular vehicle fresh and running. A lot of the products that you need for maintaining your luxury car’s edgy look won’t actually have a “Made for luxury cars” label.

That’s why you’ll need to determine from what materials the different parts of your car are made of. This will let you know which cleaners or detergents offer the best cleaning ability for each part without causing wears, damage, and stains on it.

For example, leather seats need a different cleaner from seats that are made with polyester and vinyl. Using non-leather friendly cleaners on a leather surface may cause stains. Another example is that if you try using a regular rag to wipe the windows rather than a microfiber cloth, it may cause scratches to it.

car cleaning products

Maintaining and cleaning a luxury car is worth more than keeping a regular vehicle fresh and running

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4. Keep your luxury car clean

Clean your vehicle often and use appropriate products whenever you do so. If you used to mix dishwashing liquid with home supplies to use a car shampoo, then you might want to consider changing this if you want your luxury car to look good for longer. Use a dedicated car care lathering solution to wash grease, dirt, and mud off the exterior of your vehicle.

Then, use plain tap water to rinse the suds off and wipe the vehicle’s body with a soft, microfiber cloth. Do this at least once a week especially if you don’t use your car often. It will help remove dust and other debris that may settle and build up and become harder to remove over time.

clean luxury car

Clean your vehicle often and use appropriate products whenever you do so

Moreover, have your car preserve its appearance also is a necessity. Consider getting your car polished every now and then. Giving it a good wax is also a good idea. It not only gives a thin layer of protection but also protects the exterior for a longer time.

You can also give your vehicle a full detailing service, but take note that products used on luxury cars usually cost more than usual day-to-day cars, so you may want to schedule this with reasonable intervals.

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