How to easily maintain your car's matte finish

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A handy guide on how to maintain the matte finish of your vehicle and some important tips you need to remember.

For a lot of us, the appearance of the vehicle matters as much as its performance which means spending a lot for it, right? Not really. There are actually design elements that don’t require too much investment. This means that you may actually need not spend much for it or spend much effort maintaining

matte black car paint

If you’re always updated about the latest auto news, you will notice that many vehicle designs incorporate matte look finish

One of the elements that we’re talking about is the matte body finish that’s taking the automotive fashion by storm. If you’re always updated about the latest auto news, you will notice that many vehicle designs incorporate matte look finish.

But how can one keep their matte car body always looking mighty fine? Do you have to spend a fortune to maintain it? Is there anything you should or shouldn’t do at all? What else is there that you need to keep in mind? Read all about it in this article from!

1. Matte black finish on cars

The era of gloss and metallic car body finish once ruled the car industry may soon start to wane with the concept of matte shades slowly slipping into the limelight. It was once a trend that suddenly slipped out and is coming back again. If you haven’t seen any vehicles with this finish, then you can take a look at the top luxury brands.

Honda car

The concept of matte shades is slowly slipping into the limelight

Two of the most famous ones, Lexus and BMW, already figured that the “matte look” would be great on their units. Perhaps it’s the association with expensive cars that most people think that matte-finish maintenance is expensive. But this is actually a misconception that often scares those who fear maintenance and upkeep. If you still don’t believe us, we’re here to present everything you need to know.

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2. The matte finish was never meant to be flawless

So to fill you in, we’ll explain what matte finish really is. Vehicles that are manufactured with a matte finish are crafted with a non-reflective surface. It also has rough textures if you take a closer look. Contrary to the usual glossy, metallic and shiny finishes, matte looks a bit flat. These two different paint textures are applied in the same way. The difference in the finish is affected by how their clear coat is dried.

So as mentioned earlier, matte finishes are usually associated with high-maintenance requirements. One of the usual assumptions of this is that it can’t be washed with just any old car cleaning solution, while others say that it’s fairly hard to protect the matte finish from external elements.

car with matte finish

Vehicles that are manufactured with a matte finish are crafted with a non-reflective surface

But the matte finish is actually easy to maintain. In fact, thanks to technology and innovation, the quality and durability of the matte paint finish have improved drastically. But it still has its own dedicated care requirements.

3. Understanding your car exterior

Let’s first understand what car paints are generally made of.

Most car paints out there are typically made of several coats of colored paint, a primer, and of course, a clear coat. The clear coat is the element responsible for the difference between glossy and matte. In glossy cars, the clear coat seeps into the body’s imperfections. This helps to create a beautiful smooth surface. It is then polished and then waxed. The end product should be able to create visual depth and reflect light.

A matte paint job, on the other hand, is left imperfect, unlike the glossy counterpart. This texture is able to diffuse light instead of reflecting it. The clear coat can also have texturizing or matting agents depending on the manufacturer. This will give the body paint a hazy look throughout its layers. Since it’s the clear coat responsible for the matte finish, any color can be matte.

Car with matte finish

A matte paint job is left imperfect, unlike the glossy counterpart

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4. Breaking the assumptions

First off, it is true that a matte surface can get dirt on more easily. That’s because the surface is uneven, unlike its glossy counterpart. But contrary to assumptions, it is actually safe to wash matte finishes.

Some people believe that most external contaminants like bugs and bird poop seep into the color. Experts, on the other hand, say this isn’t true at all. That means if you drove your car to work and got tree sap on it, you can leave it until you get home.

car with matte finish

It is true that a matte surface can get dirt on more easily

5. Hand-wash only

The bad news is that matte paint will look etched over time. If you’re one to worry about this, you better get yourself a protective sealant product. Remember to get one that’s specifically designed for matte car surfaces. Know that the products you usually use on glossy cars may not totally work for matte ones.

According to a guide provided by Lexus, it’s best only to use water to clean your ride. And if you really have to, use citric acid powder with it. Know that this should only be used on extra tough contaminants. Also remember to stay away from big, automatic car washes. The big rollers can remove dirt as well as necessary coats of paint. Hand-washing only removes foreign dirt and contaminants.

cleaning car paint

You better get yourself a protective sealant product that’s specifically designed for matte car surfaces

6. Debris-removal

For occasional debris and spot removal, just use matte-dedicated cleaners and sprays. They work like the regular ones, but the only difference is that they’re meant for matte surfaces.

These usually have less to zero harsh ingredients and leave no undesirable effects. You can also use protectants dedicated to these types of auto bodies. Remember to avoid using paste or wax-based concoctions because these can ruin the matte effect you love.

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