Car door protector: How to install, prices, and why you should buy one

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Here’s everything you need to know about car door protectors.

By now, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the car in its entirety is usually a moving object. It will interact with the environment it’s in so it’ll eventually get dirty, get scratched, and will eventually wear out. For a parked car, however, the most utilized moving part is its doors. As such, your car doors are more likely to get scratched and dinged up more than any other part of a parked, immobile car.  

Small scratches can be addressed with some maintenance like buffing and waxing. But sometimes, some people will lack the time to do that. As such, a permanent solution is warranted. In the case of your car doors, you can turn to install car door protectors.

A picture of a car door protector.

A black car door protector

How to install car door protectors: What are car door protectors?

Car door protectors, car door guards, or car door bumpers are simple car accessories designed to take the brunt of the impact that might cause scratches. In other words, the door protector acts as a cushion between a scratch causing object and the car door. And in talking about “scratch causing objects” we’re referring to walls, posts, trees, and other vehicles.

A picture of a car dooring dinging another car door.

A car door protector can prevent damage caused by accidents like this

Note though that even with door guards, one should still be careful when opening his/her car doors. It isn’t a magical accessory that will allow you to just fling your car’s doors willy-nilly. Opening your car door with force might still cause dents and that’s a pricier issue to fix.

As for the car door protector itself, it’s a simple accessory installed near the edge of your car’s doors. It’s installed there because that part of the door is the most likely to come into contact with other objects. Because car doors come in many shapes and sizes, car door protectors will also come in a large variety. There are however universal ones, but sometimes these won’t follow the contours of a specific car model’s doors at all.

A picture of cheap car door protectors.

These are car door protectors made out of plastic

Like most car parts, there are good quality car door protectors and bad ones. Some cheap ones will be made out of flimsy plastic, while more expensive high-end ones can sometimes be made out of rubber or even aluminum. So yes, these can add a bit of style to your car too.

Note also that there are also car door protectors that are designed to be installed along the entire length of the car door. There are also car door edge protectors that look like a tape. These are applied directly to the edge of the car door itself.

A picture of a man applying soap on a car.

We advise you to clean your car's doors before installing the door protectors

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How to install car door protectors: 3 simple steps

Step #1: Clean the edge of your car’s door

The first step in installing a car door protector is to clean the surface you’re sticking in on, which is the edge of your car’s door. It is advisable to clean the surface first to remove the dirt, grime, and dust that could prevent the adhesive from doing its job. That said, you might as well give the entire car a wash.

Step #2: Remove protecting film

Once the surface is dry and clean, you can now remove the film protecting the car door protector’s adhesive. After that, gently place it on the door.

Step #3: Repeat with other car doors

Repeat these steps if your car has more than one door. Also, you might want to consider more than one car door protector for large doors like on SUVs.

(Installation) Door Edge Protector Anti Scratch Rubber Trim Strip

Car door protector prices in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, you can easily find car door protectors from online shopping sites like Lazada or Shopee. The cheapest one we’ve found comes in a set and is made out of plastic. These cost somewhere around Php 100 to 200. Better quality ones made out of rubber can cost Php 180 to 220.

If you want to go premium, there are also car door protectors from Japan. These can cost somewhere from Php 300 to Php 500 per piece.

A picture of an expensive car door protector.

This car door protector is made out of durable material

FAQs about how to install a car door protector

Question: How does the car door protector stick to the car door?

Answer: Most car door protectors stick to car doors using adhesive.

Question: What are car door protectors made out of?

Answer: Some are made out of rubber, some are plastic, and more premium ones are made out of aluminum.

Question: Can car door protectors prevent dings and dents?

Answer: Car door protectors can only protect from scratches, not from dings and dents.

Question: Where can I buy car door protectors in the Philippines?

Answer: Most car parts shops and online shopping sites have car door protectors available.

Question: How do I remove a car door protector?

Answer: Step one, apply heat with a hairdryer. After warming it up, slowly peel it off. Carefully remove the remaining adhesive with a clean microfiber towel dabbed with alcohol.

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