4 upgrades to make your used car new again

Updated Nov 30, 2022 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Here’s a handy compilation of quick upgrades to your old cars for a better experience

Most of the new cars released today come with all sorts of features that assist drivers in so many ways. They don’t come for free though; most of the vehicles that have high-tech and innovative features can be a pain in the pocket for anyone who doesn’t have the budget for it.

GPS, heated steering wheels, dash cams that can record what’s happening in front of you – those are just some of the new features that make one’s driving experience both safe and comfortable.

However, did you know you can also experience these features even if you drive an older car? You may not have the financial capability to afford today’s vehicles with amazing features.

Then again, why not just buy the upgrades and add them to the vehicle that you already have? If you’re tired how “old school” your current vehicle is, why don’t you kick things up a notch without the big spend? Read this article from Philkotse.com to know which possible features you can add to your aging ride below.  

DIY Car Upgrades That Are Next Level

1. Remote Starter

If you know modern cars, then we assume you also know the remote start feature, push-button start, and keyless entry. Older model cars don’t have this feature but many covet this not just for a luxurious and modern touch.

A lot of senior car owners who have arthritis fancy the push-start engine because they won’t have to insert and turn a key with their shaky hands. While you may not be able to fully convert your vehicle to the keyless, push-start engine type, you can get the next closest thing.

engine start button

Modern cars have remote start feature, push-button start, and keyless entry

You can equip your car with a remote starter. Similar to the latest cars, you would also need a key fob but instead of gaining access to your car, it would start the engine remotely. This is useful if you want to heat up the car engine in the morning while you’re busy getting ready for your day.

You can have a technical expert look at your car’s system and have them install the remote engine starter for you. You may have concerns like unintentionally starting the car by pressing the key fob accidentally. However, you can have total control of the system with its corresponding app.

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2. Lighting Kits

You can’t really expect a used car with studio-quality lighting to flatter your car interior. If you’re not happy with the yellowish stock interior lighting that comes in almost every used car, you can easily have it replaced. Most of these are made with bulbs that dim over time and may die due to lack of maintenance.

Consider replacing your light bulbs with quality LED bulbs. They use less power, are a lot brighter, and they’re also made to last longer. This tip also applies to other illuminating elements in your vehicle – especially those that contribute to seeing the road and being seen on the road.

These include the taillights, turn signals, headlights, fog lamps, and hazard lights. If you think they’re hardly visible to other drivers on the road, have them replaced immediately.

car lighting kits

Consider replacing your light bulbs with quality LED bulbs

3. Dash Cam

In modern cars, the dash cam has a monitor that also functions as the rearview mirror. Most cars would also have a 360-degree camera, but you can buy the next best thing for your car. One advantage of installing a dash cam is to record events while you’re driving.

This has saved drivers all over the world from crimes, false accusations, and sucky insurance companies when they get into an accident. 


In modern cars, the dash cam has a monitor that also functions as the rear view mirror

4. Relaxing Chair

We’re sure you’ve heard of the heated-seat feature that’s common in luxury vehicles. If you’re tired of your uncomfortable seat that leaves your back and bottom sore after long drives, then rejoice because this is the solution. This upgrade doesn’t require that you replace or remove your stock seat.

This “upgraded seat” feature can be purchased at an auto supply store or you can have one made. It resembles a thick pad of cushion with mechanisms inside it as well as a battery. It works like a car seat cover that can be simply strapped onto your original car seat and removed when you need to wash or clean it.

car relaxing chair

This “upgraded seat” feature can be purchased at auto supplies store or you can have one specially made

Different types can have different features. Some of the most preferred are those that have heated back support, rotating shoulder massager, and vibrating back massager. These mostly use cushion support but they are also available in orthopedic shapes for drivers with back problems.

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