8 great benefits of Installing a dashcam in your car

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Why should you consider having a dashcam in your car?

A dashcam is a type of camera that's specially made to record continuously whenever it is powered on. It also doesn’t have any recording options. A dashcam camera is a car DVR or car digital video recorder.

It is an onboard camera in a car that always captures and records the view and situation through a vehicle's front windscreen and sometimes at the rear, back, or other windows.

How to install a dashcam

Here Philkotse.com will provide you with the top 8 benefits of installing a dashcam. Hope that this knowledge will be helpful for your driving experience. 

1. The near close call accidents

The Near Close Call Accidents are also known as near-miss, near hit, or close call. This is an unplanned event where there is a potential accident but there is no harm done to a person, a place, or even an object.

a dashcam showing surrounding vehicles

It may be surprising how you'll finally get to notice even the smallest close call details once you install a dashcam

One good example of that is if you are driving and on a cross lane a car or a vehicle just suddenly starts to show up on another lane and it makes you just press the breaks as quickly as possible.

If you have a dashcam this could help you eliminate unwanted arguments if ever these near close call accidents happen to you and you sure do have proof that you are the one on the right path. Believe me, it will save you a lot of argument.’

2. Road rage

Road rage is when a driver shows aggressiveness and rudeness toward another driver or person, this may include physical harm and verbal harm. Though this scenario is almost similar to near close call accidents, this is already threatening in terms of severe physical harm or emotional harm, especially towards you as the driver.

With a dashcam, you can all have the evidence you can use against the person responsible to prove your righteousness since, again, a dashcam always and continuously records what’s going on around your car.

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an aggressive driver

Road rage is a common cause of driving mishaps; make sure you always keep your cool when in charge of driving

3. Police encounters

Needless to say, a police encounter is when you get to directly interact with police - whether expected or not. Dashcam does not only record videos but the audio as well.

So if ever you encounter the police and somehow accuse you of running through a red light and you know you did not, you can just straightly show them the video from your dashcam of you driving and proving that you are innocent.

A police car

You can just straightly show to them the video from your dashcam of you driving and proving that you are innocent

4. Monitoring your mechanic

The benefit doesn't entirely focus on being able to spy on your mechanic, but rather being mindful of what they are doing with your car. Especially if you just had your car fixed and you have to go out and be away from your car for a period of time; and for some reason, you have trust issues and do not feel comfortable about leaving your car behind your dashcam can surely help you and ease your worries.

As mentioned earlier, it can records videos and audios at the same time, which gives you an opportunity to check on the times you were not able to personally handle it. You've got nothing to worry about; your dashcam will help you maintain your car's security while you are away.

car mechanic checking a car engine

Get to monitor how your mechanic handles your car whenever you're not around

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5. Stop signs usage

A stop sign is a traffic sign to inform drivers that they must come to a complete stop, this is to make sure no other cars are coming before you proceed to avoid unwanted accidents.

This is for drivers and pedestrians who do not follow basic traffic protocols and do not know how a stop sign works. When a driver is going as fast as they can without stopping or slowing down, especially in a cross-lane section, this could result in a big mess. You can report incidents with your dashcam recordings as evidence to lessen road accidents.

stop signs

You can also be a witness if ever you have encountered any sort of incidents involving other drivers

6. Non-abiding pedestrians

Let's admit, there are many non-abiding pedestrians who do not care about policies and carelessly cross the road in place and time they aren't supposed to. This scenario is widespread yet not being paid much attention to. If the same thing happens to you as you drive, having a dashcam installed in your car will be a big help.

Texting while crossing, for instance, is one of the common mistakes among pedestrians; in case they decide to sue you, you can always fight back knowing you have captured the moment and prove them wrong.

texting pedestrians

If drivers are not supposed to text while driving, this goes the same with the pedestrians who are about to cross the road

7. Scam accidents

This type of scam is currently famous in China; it is when a person pretends that you got him run over as a tactic to get easy money and health insurance for free.

pedestriam scammers

With a dashcam on your side, scammers will regret eyeing you as a victim

8. Insurance

Whether you drive a private car, a company-owned one, or a car for lease, having your dashcam installed will allow you to prove your innocence in case you encounter any sort of incident that damages your vehicle.

If you experience any of the situations mentioned earlier, you will have all the important pieces of evidence to prove your innocence, particularly when you know that you follow the traffic rules. Overall, installing a dashcam in your vehicle is not just practical, but actually a necessity.

car insurance

Insurance companies are very keen on tracing what really happened, to know if you are entitled to their assistance

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