10 steps to load a motorcycle onto a truck bed

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Follow this step-by-step process when loading a bike on the truck bed for trouble-free transport

If you’re planning a weekend on the dirt with your off-road bike, then sometimes getting it onto the truck bed is easier said than done! To help anyone get it done right and eliminate this dilemma, Philkotse.com has prepared 10 steps on how to load a motorbike on a truck bed.

There are many ways to get it done with some harder to do than others, read on. Before even getting started, there are some logistical problems that should be gone over too. Another thing to consider is whether the truck bed is long or short one! Obviously, the long bend is better because there is more space for the bike.

These logistical problems include the equipment, how to secure, mounting, will it be one or two people doing the loading, height, and width of the truck bed which is important to consider. Just haphazardly loading a bike without prior planning is not doing it safely! Here’s the equipment you’ll need to get it done right.

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I. Preparation

1. Choose the kinds of ramps to use

Kinds of ramps to use for loading are several and there are definite advantages and difficulties to what you’ll have to use. Just to get it done and that will affect how easy or difficult it is.

Straight ramp

Using a straight ramp is easier though it may flex at some point which isn’t ideal!

Straight car ramp

Straight car ramp is the easiest to use

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Arched ramp

An arched ramp that will lessen the chance of flexing at any point. The arched ramp makes the push easier past the lower angle.

Short ramp

Short ramps are good only if it makes contact with the elevated ground, but if used for low clearance it can be hard to push up!

Arched car ramp

Arched car ramp

Long Ramp

Get long ramps that lessen the effect to push the bike up! Also, they are equally good on low and high ground clearance.

Check whether parts of the bike will hang when loading. Both low and high ground clearance ramps should be chosen carefully before loading.

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2. Prepare other pieces of equipment

Another simple piece of equipment is a chock to place on the rear wheel to keep it from moving.

  • Get the metal chock that is foldable for a car or motorbike that will cost a bit!
  • Make DIY chock made of wood to use, which only costs physical effort to make. Doing it DIY is much cheaper with 2x4 block of wood!

DIY chock made of wood

DIY chock made of wood

Next up is the restraints or securing straps, and mounts that are secured onto the truck bed. The wheel mounts hold the wheel securely, but check if it can be obtained in the Philippines or via online stores.

  • Cam buckle straps are easily tightened than other restraints.
  • Wheel mount has either the front or rear wheel inserted in it. Check what is the best way to install it, whether drilling or other methods are used to keep it in place.

II. Steps to load or secure the motorcycle onto the truck bed

Remember to note whether it is a long or sort bed, so there’s no inaccurate guessing involved. Please follow these steps for reference and amend accordingly, if needed.

Step #1: Locate the tie-down points at lower corners on the truck bed, which is very important. If it isn’t done right the strap for securing cannot pull the bike forward and into the truck bed.

Step #2: Install all the tie-downs before loading the bike! The end of the securing straps should be linked to tie-down hooks, and proceed to lay out all straps ends to the top edge of the truck bed.

Step #3: Get all the tie down loops made from tubular webbing onto the handlebar of the bike. Make sure that it does cause problems when loading starts. Get this right from the get-go.

How To Load a Motorcycle Into a Truck

Step #4: Always choose a triangular tie-down when securing all tie-down points. Never forget that the truck bed is the base and the straps secured to the fork is the top point. The meeting point is the fork of the motorcycle where it should be secured.

Step #5: When securing the straps, it should be the upper fork legs not any lower than that securing point. This keeps the motorcycle secured at all times for transport.

Step #6: Some would make the mistake of using handle grips that can be damaged unwittingly! Getting triangle tie-down going is important to keep the bike stationary when the truck is moving.

Load motorbike on truck bed

Getting triangle tie-down going is important to keep the bike stationary

Step #7: With all the tie-downs set already before pushing it up all the way up the truck bed via the ramp. Engine the first gear to keep it from rolling backward. It will keep the rear wheel more stable.

Step #8: With the first gear locked in, then it’s important to raise the kickstand that will damage the truck bed liner when the truck is moving. Use two wheels to balance and pull back on the straps and tighten!

Step #9: Remember to tighten the tie-down straps to compress the front fork enough, not too much! Tighten it then get rewarded by damaged seals on the front fork. It’s best to install a wooden spacer in-between the front wheels top and the fender’s bottom part (only for a high mounted fender).

That helps avoid damaging this part when transporting a motorbike.

tie down straps

Tighten the tie-down straps to compress the front fork

Step #10: To be double sure that the bikes stay in place in the truck bed. Apply a second set of straps that are secured the same way! Make sure to keep keys out of the ignition and only the bike stay in the back.

It really depends if you’re going to get it done easily or have the hardest time to do it. Nothings ever easy when moving and transporting anything especially a motorbike. There’s no question that it cannot be done, but several mitigating factors are always there to confound anybody!

Okay, some are even concerned about getting scratches on the truck bed protector, which makes it a harder process for some finicky truck owners. It’s secondary thought because all these tip and pointers 10 best way how to load a motorbike on a truck bed ill truly be a great help!

All these tips and helpful advice from Philkotse will make it less difficult to accomplish for all motorists.

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