The bright and dark sides of Apple cars you need to know

Oct 23, 2019 | Same topic: Best advice for car buyers
Everything you need to know about the Apple car and determining its advantages and disadvantages.

The company behind the Apple car probably doesn’t need any coherent introduction. Apple Inc. is one of the leading multinational tech companies in the world. The American company is based in Cupertino, California.

They mainly focus on computer software, consumer electronics, online services, as well as other innovations adored by many. It remains one of the biggest (and most expensive) companies up to date.

But with all their successes, it looks like nothing is stopping the company from moving forward. The news began in 2014 when Apple employed over 1,000 employees. These people were supposed to work on a so-called “Project Titan”. However, a few internal issues in the management forced to project to be in hiatus. The company laid off quite a lot of employees after the issue.

apple car

In 2014, Apple employed over 1,000 employees who were supposed to work on a so-called “Project Titan”

It was later in June of 2017 when Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, spoke publicly regarding the self-driving software. This finally confirmed the company’s efforts towards producing the car or at least, the software.

Tim said that the company was directly focused on autonomous vehicles and that it is viewed with high importance. He also highlighted how they see autonomous systems as a mother of all their AI projects.”

But what exactly do you need to expect from the controversial “Apple Car”? Do you think the vehicle will live up to the hype? Is it just another overrated product that’s supposed to excite people for their money? Find out their pros and cons in this article from

1. The good sides of the Apple car?

Apple is a company that offers categorized products

These days, the company refrains from launching new product categories to the market. Instead, they create units that qualify under their predetermined categories. But they don’t just produce product after product just because. The company delivers the best they could offer in every category.

This can be seen in their iPod which was an advanced version of the classic mp3 player. It also applies to the iPhone, iPad and even their Apple Watch. Based on those patterns alone, you could really tell that Apple is cooking up some kind of revolutionary offering.

Apple products

The company delivers the best they could offer in every category

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The company already has a ready arsenal

As we all know, Apple has already produced a number of successful consumer products like those mentioned above. By creating a smart car, they already have the right accessories and supportive devices that can do two things.

First is that these “other gadgets” are the perfect tools to make the smart car experience more convenient. Second,  setting up the smart car to connect with other Apple devices can boost the company’s sales for its other goods.

Their hardware is tried and tested literally

Apple has long been in the software industry. This is a sturdy stepping stone if you want to build a smart car that will require dependable hardware. Faulty smart car hardware will compromise not only your convenience but also your safety. If we look at the available smart cars based on their backgrounds, Apple has the most competitive expertise.

Their years in tech design and development is one assurance that their smart car will probably be as smart as their previous successes. While some companies like Google are well-respected, the track record still can’t compete with Apple. For example, their Nexus sales aren’t as competitive. Also, Google Glass was also a flop.

Apple software

Apple has long been in the software industry

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Integration like no other

One of the reasons why people patronize Apple products is unmatched integration. Whenever they release new software or new hardware, customers never have to worry about possible discrepancies between their devices. This feature will most possibly remain as one of the most loved ones when it comes to Apple products.

Apple integration

One of the reasons why people patronize Apple products is unmatched integration

Apple already took a step with CarPlay

The CarPlay platform is one of the programs released by Apple just some time ago. It basically allows your iPhone device to take control of your vehicle’s infotainment system. The CarPlay basically shrugs off your worries if you’re not familiar with typical infotainment systems.

Since it only applies to iOS devices, not everyone can use it. This is also the reason why a lot of manufacturers also turn away from it.

But since Apple is designing their very own vehicle, they already have a matching platform to use for it. The infotainment control will be much easier for those who are already familiar with the CarPlay platform. However, new users won’t have to worry because it is relatively simple.

The CarPlay

The CarPlay platform is one of the programs released by Apple just some time ago

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2. The bad sides of Apple cars

Cars were never really Apple's expertise

Yes, we know that Apple is recognized for tech and so much more. They are a highly competitive company with the guts and capability to risk and win over the competition. They may be digital and connected in every single way possible, but these are mostly in virtual products and tech devices. A utility vehicle that requires carrying people may be a wee bit too risky.

Arising software issues

Although Apple’s software reliability is one of the best, it won’t be flawless all the time. Recently, users from different parts of the globe have discovered subtle declines in the quality and dependability of Apple products. While it is still possible for the users to find workarounds, any marginal errors in the software could compromise the occupants’ safety.


Although Apple’s software reliability is one of the best, it won’t be flawless all the time

Apple isn't perfect

Apple has their own take on navigation systems that they refer to as the “Apple Maps.” This is presumed to be the same software that the Apple Car will use to navigate. The bad news is that Apple Maps is famous for having a few problems.

While Apple continues to improve the system, it’s not entirely as good as the iCloud or Google Maps. Unless this is fixed, Apple’s navigation program will continue to be outshined by other more powerful programs.

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Car issues are more than the average phone lags

While you may be able to survive if your iPhone’s system stops functioning, the case can be terribly different in a car. While Apple is famous for creating highly dependable devices, it doesn’t have any relevant background when it comes to products that literally carry and transports people.

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