How to manage your auto expenses the right way?

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Handy tips and guide on how to manage your auto expenses the right way and the things you need to keep in mind.

It is very expensive to sustain your car the same as raising a newborn child. On the other hand, people often consider having a car is one of the major achievements in their life. But we should be aware that owning a car is very pricey.

So, how to manage your auto expenses the right way? Sit tight, and will tackle that in this article.

1. First of all, select a car that is suitable to your lifestyle

This is a very important thing to consider to avoid too many high expenses when you already obtain a car. Select the best car that you can be able to sustain based on your monthly income or salary.

Take into consideration what car you need. Is it for driving alone or for the whole family? Is it for short distances only or long distances? Do you need a car suited for rocky roads or mountains?

There are many things you need to consider but always go for the one that is best for your budget. If you can’t afford a brand new, there will always be good second-hand cars.

Car dealership

Take into consideration what car you need

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It is also good to look forward to the future expenses of your car. Some of the expenses for your car are fuel, maintenance, insurance, parking, and many more. You must estimate these expenses and check if it is within your budget.

Nowadays, the average cost for a car per annum is around PHP 150, 000. This can vary depending on the car and to any issues that you may encounter like an accident.

Look for the car that can be inexpensive when it comes to its maintenance and repair. There are also cars that are fuel-efficient and economical.

2. Get car insurance

Yes, it is very important to have car insurance. Most of the people do not take this into consideration because they said they could manage. Some also said that it is an additional expense only.

This is where you are wrong. Keep insurance into account also so that you will be good if you suffer from a car accident.

If you are thinking about the expensive monthly premiums, you can always choose the cheaper one. Make a survey of all insurance companies and select the one suited for your budget.

But, remember to always go for the one with good benefits. Don’t always go for the cheapest one in the room.

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Searching car insurance in the internet

Make a survey of all insurance companies and select the one suited for your budget

3. Always perform routine checks and maintenance

To avoid further expenses, it is very important to keep your car maintained and in good condition as always. Perform routine checks to look out for any possible problems in your car immediately. Routine checks can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Check your tires daily

Check if it is well inflated. You can look for the desired pressure in the manual. Checking your tires daily will avoid uneven wear. It will also prevent additional expenses if you suffer from a blowout or flat tire while on the road.

Does the temperature of your dashboard remain stable? Inspect all fluids such as power steering, engine oil, coolant, antifreeze, windshield washer solvent, as well as brake and transmission.

Checking the car tires

Checking your tires daily will avoid uneven wear

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During the night, check all the car lights, rear, hazard, and front

Are they all working properly and in good condition? Driving with a faulty light is unsafe on the roads and may lead to an accident. You will also be fine of about Php 5000 on average if you get caught by a traffic enforcer or police officer.

For weekly checks, there are the hoses and belts

They don’t need regular checks, but it is good to check them weekly. Inspect the aircon hose for any damage. Inspect also your car’s fan belt and timing belt. Look for any holes in your tire and make your wheels balanced. Inflate your tire well if you are in the gas station.

Woman checking the car engine

They don’t need regular checks, but it is good to check them weekly

Moreover, you need about Php 5000 as a minimum when it comes to maintenance. Most of the dealerships will provide maintenance up to a year for your vehicle. But, any extra work or fixes to your car is another thing.

For fuel choice, choose the good one, even much more expensive than the local ones. Fuel costs an average of Php 70 000 a year. It depends on the time you drive and also the distance you drive.

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Always perform a tune-up and oil change of your car base on the manual

Do not miss it. In an ideal car, it should be made every 10, 000 kilometers. It differs from every vehicle and motor oil. Make it a habit to put into your notes or calendar when to do your maintenance. Make for every maintenance you will do, not only the tune-up and oil change.

Remember that there will be fine if you get caught for smoke-belching and trouble regarding spark plug and oil. A smoke-belching would cost Php 1000 to Php 5000, while the latter will be more costly.

Managing your car expenses the right way and keeping it low is a very difficult thing. But, it is not impossible as long as you keep your car in its good condition. Do not compromise your car maintenance and essential care.

Man putting oil in the car

Always perform a tune-up and oil change of your car base on the manual

Always keep in mind the things discussed above to save you from higher costs. These things are maintenance, checks, and insurance of your car. It may not help you immediately, but it will prevent high expenses in long term conditions.

Your car expenditures will greatly depend on your usage. It is essential to keep your car maintained always. In this way, you can save a lot of costs from any big troubles and malfunctions. You can drive safely at the same time if your car is well maintained.

Estimating your car expenses also is a vital key to help you manage the costs. It can help you to keep your expenses low. Finally, being a responsible owner and driver is the best way to save on car expenses.

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