Choosing the best headlight for your car: 5 common kinds for drivers

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Here is the list of 5 popular car headlight types that drivers should choose to ensure better visibility for night driving.

They are the headlights on every road that really help motorists to drive even in the darkest of nights. Auto designers realized the need for better and brighter headlights to light up the darkest hours. Then it went boom.

Car makers started to make better headlamp casing to project light better. The piece de resistance is the development of several headlamp options that generate degrees of brightness or lumens.

But, the downside to it is stricter road rules are needed, about the effect on other drivers like accidentally blinding them and accidents as a result. Consider local regulations and edicts that govern its use before replacing your current lamps.

Newer cars have more than enough brightness for night driving and provide excellent visibility. Depending on the headlamp for a replacement there will be a corresponding brightness associated with it.

Choosing headlamps

Headlamps ensure visibility for night driving

Also, consider what’s your budget for replacement and if you’ll need it. More and more headlamps are developed and produced for car headlights. For our purposes, we’ll stick to the basics and move on to other topics later! has prepared the list of available headlamp options for possible replacement of the stock option installed. They have characteristics that differ from each other. Get to know them better and see which is best suited.

I. How to choose the best headlights for your car

It’s not enough to know what are the kinds of headlamps for replacement. There should be pointers on how to select the best one and what is the proper option.

1. Headlamps service life

Headlamps for headlights have corresponded a service life that determines how long it will last. Better choose smartly what will give the best service life to maximize the investment.

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2. Is it too bright or not for safe driving?

Is bright light the best for better nighttime illumination? Does lighting up the road light as the day a good thing. Shelling out more because bright headlamps are more advanced and thus more expensive.

It won’t last long though because the intense light will shorten the headlamps lifetime service. Blinding bright lights can glare and be a cause of night time accidents as well.

headlamps too bright

Too bright light can cause serious accidents

3. The whiteness of the headlamp

Get the headlamp with the best whiteness that is the same as premium cars with less cost. How white these lamps are will vary because of what brand is chosen. White light offers the best illumination for driving at night. Although there’s no need for blinding brightness for oncoming cars.

4. How many watts is the headlamp bulb?

Check how many watts the headlamp is putting out. More watts will be more lumens it has, but too much will strain the electrical system. Better to get something with enough wattage with good brightness.

5. What is the Kelvin rating of the headlamp bulb?

Choose a headlamp with a Kelvin of 3800 to 4000 K to get a white colored headlight! Any higher or lower it will look different than white. Look at the Kelvin rating because they determine what the headlight will emit.

Kevin rating of headlamps

Kevin rate of the headlamps bulb

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II. Kinds of headlamps

1. Halogen headlamps

Most cars are equipped with this as the headlamp over other kinds available. They are found in entry-level to mid-level cars mostly. It’s easy to find a replacement in any local car shop too.

It’s very cost effective and will last reasonable up to 1000 hours in most working conditions. These are low priced and practical for most car owners to choose. Although some carmakers are implemented the use of HiD or LEDs slowly, Halogen still remains the most used option!

halogen headlamps

Halogen lights are very cost-effective

2. HID Headlamps (Xenon)

More and more cars are using this kind of headlamp for standard equipment. They can be found on SUVs, pickup, crossovers, and premium sedans as the choice of lighting equipment!

Xenon is another fancy term used for HIDs and compared to Halogen it is about 3000 lumens. One of the problems is the brightness that tends to blind oncoming cars which is one of its drawbacks.

Better check local rules on the use of it for headlamp replacement. Especially by the LTO which tends to be unclear about it.

HID headlight

HID lamp is also called Xenon headlight

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3. LED headlamp

This is the middle layer between Halogen and HiD headlamps that provide a better alternative for HIDs blinding glare problem. Using LEDs that allow reflection for dome reflectors is a great advantage. LEDs will provide more focused lighted compare to HID or Halogen because of better shapes used.

Though small there is an issue of heat produced by LEDs. Using cooling systems will avoid overheating also more expensive than HIDs because of this.

LED headlight

Using LEDs allows reflection for dome reflector

4. Laser Headlamps

These are the newest innovations to create brighter and smaller lights that illuminate great areas when driving. Expected to have better illumination than LEDs when perfected that will mean smaller and concentrated headlights.

It’s the best benefit will be longer and bigger areas of illumination without using so much power. Still expensive with more changes to come bur offers the best alternative for most car owners.

Laser headlight

LED headlamps: The newest innovation in the market

5. After Market Conversion kits

With these aftermarket conversion kits that upgrade the headlight of older models with newer headlamps. It comes with everything needed to convert old style headlights and to improve headlight performance for improved visibility.

Better check local rules about this mod to make it sure it is legal! A practical and easy alternative to bringing some function in modern functionality.

Headlight after market kit

Headlamps conversion kit

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Most production cars that are bought in the Philippines are using good lighting equipment already. Although some car owners feel the need for more illumination, obviously for night driving! When choosing the best kind of headlight for your car select the best option that offers the best degree of lighting.

On the other side of the equation is getting headlamps that won’t blind other drivers at night. Would you go for Halogen, HiD, LED, or Laser headlamps?

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