Advice for Christmas car buyers straight from two experts and one from someone who isn't

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Here's a couple of cars buying tips that we've gathered from our very own car expert and someone from a car company. Also included are our observations of a newbie but an aggressive car buyer.

Tips on how to buy a car from experts and a buyer

Ladies and gents, for this holiday season, where we know that many of you are planning or thinking about buying cars, we have a treat for you. Or rather, we have would impart to you that knowledge we’ve collected from years and years of collective experience in cars, particularly, some hot tips on how to purchase on effectively.

Also, we think that this is particularly useful advice especially for Christmas because a few lucky ones among us are actually buying cars as gifts.

Now, despite being experts, we have to recognize that we have our own limitations, as such, we also interviewed three people; a Product Marketing Junior Specialist from Mazda Philippines by the name of Zeth Linis, a mystery car expert from and our observations from an unnamed car buyer.

Mazda Product Marketing Junior Specialist

Meet Zeth Linis, a Mazda Philippines Product Marketing Junior Specialist

To make this article simpler to read, we’ll collate the advice given by the Mazda product marketing specialist and the car expert because unsurprisingly enough, they more or less gave the same sensible answers.

For the car buyer, however, we’ll separate that as this guy’s a bit too aggressive for our tastes. As such, we’ll have several comments on those and we’ll try to provide an alternative if he went kind overboard with his answers. office

Our car expert is kinda shy so here's a shot of our office LOL

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Tips and tricks on buying a new car during Christmas from a Product market specialist and our very own car expert

For savvy buyers reading this, you might already know that buying around late December or early January comes with huge advantages for you. This is because…

1. Buying on Christmas eve or New Year’s eve might net you discounts

Many manufacturers will have to unload old 2019 models that are either rendered outdated by a new 2020 next-generation vehicle or an update. Pray through that it’s a latter and the new model won’t be too much of a departure from the old model, right? Regardless, models deemed to be a year older will certainly have some discounts or will be subject to really attractive promos.

car and xmas

Buying on Christmas eve or New Year’s eve might net you discounts

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Also, watch out for models that will be discontinued. Remember the Hyundai Eon? Hyundai had a bunch of pesos slashed off of its price just before they were going to release the Hyundai Reina. This has been a practice by manufacturers to make space for the newer version or the model that will be replacing the old vehicle.

As such, we highly advise keeping reading our car news section for news and/or rumors of new car models.

2. Know everything there is to know about a car you’re looking to buy

As we’ve said in our Tips on negotiating a better car deal during the Christmas season, buying a car involves a lot of research and actually getting to know a car that you’re seeking to purchase better.

For that, we highly recommend reading our collection of review articles, or better yet, actually going to car manufacturer events like the Mazda Premium Experience Pavilion.

Zeth Linis presenting the Mazda CX-30

When a product specialist begins his presentation, you better listen

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In these kinds of events, car manufacturers will display their new models and allow the adoring public to get up close and personal with the cars. Usually, they’ll also assign helpful product specialists or salespeople to guide a buyer on the features of a car.

And yes, this is rather important because you’ll want to know everything there is to know about the thing you’ll be purchasing.

buying car on xmas

Know everything there is to know about a car you’re looking to buy

This also comes in connection with considerations on your part like; how will you use the said vehicle? Are you planning to drive it forever, will you be passing it on to a younger brother or sister or will you be purchasing another vehicle in the future? Can you live with the features it comes with? Do I need to fit my entire family? Seven people? In connection to that…

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3. Test drive the vehicle…

While getting to know a car’s features from a website, a car company representative, or from a parked unit itself is helpful, for a deeper familiarization with the vehicle, we highly recommend taking out for a spin yourself.

You might get to understand how the features work, but getting to know how a car feels to drive is another thing entirely. For this, you’ll actually need to drive the vehicle in scenarios with traffic and on the highway. And yes, many dealerships will allow that especially if you’ve expressed your interest in a model.

Mazda Premium Experience Pavillion

Be on the watch for events like the Mazda Premium Experience Pavillion where you can take a test drive for FREEEEE!

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4. Ask current and longtime owners

While talking to car company representatives and an actual test drive session will undoubtedly shed light on how a certain model is like, asking people who have owned the very same model for a significant period of time is much more helpful.

Even current but new owners will have something to say about a car that the guy from the car company won’t tell you (or forgot to tell you) for better or for worse.

For this, we recommend approaching car clubs on Facebook. These are numerous and we’re certain that there is one for almost every car model currently available here in the Philippines.

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5. If you’re already a member of a car club, use that to your advantage

This scenario is quite specific. How specific? Well, imagine that you currently own an older model of the car you’re looking to purchase AND you’re an active member of that particular model’s official car club.

christmas car shopping

If you’re already a member of a car club, use that to your advantage

This is great because officially recognized car clubs, like the MG Car Club of the Philippines, will have connections to the distributor or the manufacturer that’s supporting them. You might get a discount or a favorable financing arrangement out of this. If not, freebies are always good.

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Things to avoid when buying a new car

While most of the above came from a Mazda executive and our resident car expert are level headed and are no doubt effective, here are some rather dubious things from an unnamed car buyer that we had the pleasure (or displeasure) of observing.

1. Aggressive negotiating tactics

Strong arming a salesperson by applying pressure can backfire sometimes because just like you or me, most of them just want to do their jobs with fewer issues as possible and a great many of them are actually being upfront with you.

So acting like a wanna be an insider when it comes to buying both new and used with low ball deals will only end up with everyone losing. What we advise to do instead is be calm, know the numbers behind a car purchase, and be reasonable.

car for sale

"Gimme car now" won't work with most level headed car salesmen

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2. Not asking questions

A beginner car buyer, typically a male, will be proud. He’s particularly proud that’s he’s buying a car and he’s proud of all that effort he had exerted saving up for the purchase. Sometimes though, that same pride will get into his head and sometimes he, despite only reading a single page about a car, will act like a smug expert.

This, of course, will cause this kind of car buyer to miss all kinds of details and he might even let some important details (particularly about the financing details) fly over his head

Philkotse team asking Zeth Linis about the CX-30

The team asking questions about some features of the CX-30 from Zeth

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For a better buying experience, do remember that asking questions is FREE. And of course, a salesperson will try his/her best to answer every single one of your questions if its in connection to the model you want to purchase or about the procedures of the purchase itself.

Remember, car sales are hard-working humans too. They are answerable to superiors, they have quotas to fill, and sometimes, they have to deal with a slow day, or worse, a day when they get to meet a grade-A a-hole. 

So to smoothen out your time at the dealership, it best to not act like a know-it-all douche. For more tips like this one keep reading here on

Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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