5 practical tips on how to negotiate a car deal in the Philippines

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Last Price Please: The Art of Car Negotiation in the Philippines!

Whether used or brand new, everyone has their more preferred way of purchasing that much awaited dream car. Nowadays, the most convenient way of buying anything, including cars is by browsing through the internet, contacting the seller, meeting up and sealing the deal.

That’s it – easy peasy, lemon squeazy. Unlike before, when internet was still a speck of dust in the universe, a car buyer has to go to different dealerships to see the car personally, know the specs, negotiate and seal the deal.

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Nowadays, buying everything can be at your fingertips - online car buying has also become a trend

Either used or brand new, any car buyer should be very equipped in terms of negotiating for their dream car. We can always exercise our bargaining skills when dealing with car sellers but still, let Philkotse.com help you further in wining that negotiation by giving you some helpful car buying tips and advice.

It’s already there, just a few steps away and the only entity that’s standing between you and your dream car is the car seller. How to get the odds on your favor? Here are some tips.

1. Know everything about the car you want to buy

Given all the technology nowadays, anybody has access to a portal of all the information he needs when shopping online. Potential car buyers can now search for the same car across different sellers who are offering different things that could be to the buyer’s advantage and make a sound decision just by online research and inquiry.

online car research

Do your homework - research all the things you need to know about the car you'll be buying

Given the technological advantage for every buyer, there’s no excuse to end up in a losing end of a car bargain. You have all the resources to know everything about the car you want to buy. Use it.

2. Express your interest, but not too much

I know you want that car so badly and you feel that this is your only chance to own it. However, if you show that you are like a giddy kid who would do anything – sing or dance – just to get that candy you’ve been wanting to buy, chances are the seller would know you’d bite into anything he offers.

If you show that you are so willing to be flexible and will give everything to get the car, there’s a chance that the seller may take advantage of it.

Just show the seller that you are interested in the car, ask for the story, condition, issues, if there are any, request for a meet up and test drive, see if you are comfortable but hide the overwhelming excitement.

This will make the seller have a hard time reading your mind if you’re going to buy or not, so you still have an ace in during the bargain.

3. Set your price and stick to it as much as you can

This is why number one is important – you have to know the car’s market value so you’d have an idea of the lowest and highest price it’s being sold for in the market.

a car and money

Knowing your ideal car's market value will help you determine the best price you could give in to

If you know these figures, you’d know what would be the ideal minimum and maximum price you can deal with. Also, if you know the car’s market value, there’s very little chance that the seller would offer you extremely ridiculous price because he knows that you know what you’re talking about.

4. Negotiate properly

Don’t be too much of a hustler. Try to be nice and polite, gauge the seller and provide them the price you can afford the car for.

proper negotiations

Being a polite buyer can also make a good impact to the car seller which could lead you to a good deal

When he negotiates and presents you a decent list of the car’s features that you think is not available in other cars with a lower price, bargain for a price that’s nearest his offer. Try to look into the features that this car has over the others that gives and edge to it.

5. Be sensitive to the seller too

I know you are a buyer and you’d totally go for anything to your advantage. But that doesn’t mean that you have the right to be cruel.

While bargaining, also try to read the seller’s facial expression and his body language – as these are also important. If you are being a total low baller and you see a hint of worry on the seller’s face, maybe it could signal that with what you’re offering, he won’t be able to gain anything. 

Photo of a worried car salesman

Also try to be sensitive to the seller's feelings so you can both gain in the transaction

Maybe you can be a better buyer and be humane enough and you can meet him halfway. I know we are trying to keep within our budget or even have some decent change after a negotiation, but also keep in mind that the salesman or the seller himself also needs to keep something after the deal.

Try to make a deal without compromising the other party’s situation. Make a win-win call.

These are just some personal tips to help you negotiate that car bargain. I hope these tips would help you get that dream car of yours someday.

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