7 things you need to know about classic cars

Oct 13, 2019 | Same topic: Best advice for car buyers
Everything you need to know about classic cars and the difference between classic, vintage and antique cars.

In today's generation of the car, it is obvious how much it differs from the old one. Modern cars are mixed with aesthetics, technology, and convenience. But why do classic cars still gain popularity up to this day? A classic car is sometimes more expensive than a second-hand modern car. So, what does a classic car have that some of us crave it and still hold to it? Read on this article from Philktose.com to find out. 

1. Simplicity

Not that modern cars are too flashy and grand, but modern cars have too many buttons and features. They are complex in their electronics that connect and are for engine management.

Yey! Because of innovations, modern cars are eco-friendly these days and tune-ups are part of history. Because of such upgrades, modern car complexity requires extensive professional training to repair. That's one more thing about modern cars, it is costly to repair.

Classic cars

Classic cars are simple and don't have too many buttons and features

2. Value

The value of a modern car will depreciate when it leaves the showroom. Its value will keep on falling for the next 10 years. Classic cars, on the other hand, tend to go up. Compare the price of a 40-year-old classic car 10 years ago and compare it to its value today. Yeah! It might even be greater than an investment interest than in banks.

Classic cars

Classic cars' value tends to go up over time

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3. Styling

New cars today look modern and stylish. Who would not want that aesthetic and sleek look? So, what do classic cars have in styling that still appeals to enthusiasts in today's day and age? Try to go to a car show or a car shop and observe their styling. Have you noticed that it is hard to differentiate one from another? The fascia, the body, that large grills they all look the same.

To determine which is which you have to look apart from another. Old car models had their own identities that is why it is almost impossible to mistake it from other models.

Classicn cars

Old car models had their own identities that is why it is almost impossible to mistake it from other models

4. Driving

Wait, what? Driving is a factor here? Hard to believe right? There were so many upgrades in modern cars that give us convenience and good performance. Modern cars being convenient are helpful, and does allow us to drive with ease.

Most drivers, however, don’t want their car to be telling them how to drive; they want to pilot and take control of their car. Modern cars are kind of boring since there have so many automatic features and some are just a click away. There are no driving aids in classic cars you have two choices, drive at your best or crash? Driving classic cars give you an unfiltered driving experience.

Driving classic cars

Driving classic cars give you an unfiltered driving experience

5. Classic, vintage and antique: Are they the same?

Different states or countries have different guidelines for what fits a classic car. But in general, they are different from one another.

Antique Cars

In general, it is a vehicle of a certain age. That is maintained to its original manufacturer's specification. This means that it was not modified. Antique cars are vehicles that are kept collectible, protected displayed in auto shows or exhibit, and not driven at all.

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Vintage car

Vintage cars are maintained to its original manufacturer's specification

Vintage Cars

This is cars from the vintage era. These are vehicles that are made the decade after WWI, from 1919 to 1930. (Great Gatsby 1920's Rolls Royce)

Classic cars

Classic cars are vehicles that are at least 20 years old but not more than 40 years old. That is maintained to its manufacturer's original specification. Check your countries laws to see its guidelines.

In the Philippines, Administrative Order No. RPC-2016-033 is regulation for owning or using a vintage/antique car. In here, they defined vintage/antique cars as vehicles that are older than 40 years old.

It should not be on that has been reproduced and should maintain its original specification. Under this regulation, vintage cars need to be registered under LTO to be used on public roads.

If the vehicle is for collection, it does not need to be registered but it needs to be on the record. A vintage car that is recorded will be allowed to operate to and take part to show events.

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6. Buying a classic car

How it will be used?

First thing first, classic or modern, whatever it is. Before purchasing think of what will you used it to make a shortlist that is functional for your needs.

What is your budget?

To subdivide your shortlist and get closer to the best options set your budget. Not only for the purchase price but also the overall cost of owning it.

Do research

Apart from where you are going to purchase your classic car, do some research or check auto auctions and price guides so you will know the market value of the car you want to purchase.

classic car

Before purchasing think of what will you used it to make a shortlist that is functional for your needs


Expect a high mileage with classic cars and find a great deal out of it. Of course the lower the mileage the better. Don’t be too afraid of high mileage as long as it was checked by an expert, just make sure that it is in its correct value.

Inspect the car

  • Check all the documents of the car, if it has clean registration and has no penalty.
  • Check the interior, if it's in original specs the better. Check for damaged as it will add up in your cost after purchasing it.
  • Check the exterior in broad daylight. If you see rusts I think it might be best to run away. Check the condition of the parts, dents, and misaligned panels.

Test drive

Of course, you have to test drive to check for serious problems. Listen to the engine and observe it feels a bit lose going around corners this might be a suspected suspension problem.

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7. Conclusion 

Classic cars are not for everyone and cater to a different market. This is likely for car dudes who purchase these kinds of vehicles as a hobby. This is more of a "want" purchase than a "need" purchase. Classic car or modern car, whatever your choice may be, as long as it makes you happy and satisfies your reason, go get it!

Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez