8 signs showing that your car is about to die

Updated Dec 15, 2017 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Yes, your car gets old as the way you age.

Nowadays cars are built so much stronger than they have ever been before. In addition, with tons of assurances from manufacturers, they can run longer than you think. However, at the end of the day, they are machine. They will still get old as the way we age.

a rusty car

Car will still get old as the way we age

When the time comes, you may notice something strange going on with your old car. Check again whether it shows any of the 8 signs we are about to show you below. If it does, then you might have to say goodbye to your beloved vehicle soon.

1. So much lights on at the same time

Normally, warning signs are supposed to let you know if there is any mechanical problem. Each light keeps its own meaning. For instance, a raise of engine light tells you that it is time to meet the mechanic or the battery signs show some malfunctioning of the battery. To learn more about warning lights on the dashboard, click here.

Usually, you only see one of very few of lights on. Otherwise, seeing a lot of them appearing at the same time is a very serious sign. Fixing the problems one by one is always better than dealing with whole bunch of them. Plus, you might not have what a money to do so.

Warning lights on the dashboard

Seeing a lot of warning lights appearing at the same time is a very serious sign

2. Your car is getting furious oil-consuming

Oil is basically used to lubricate the engine for better operation. But for some reasons, it is being consumed faster than before. It could be caused by a leaking. You can fix this one effortlessly and you should do it soon. Check out our article here for 5 signs to tell if yoy need an oil change. Otherwise, if the oil is getting out of the tailpipe or turning into smoke, then it maybe too late.

Check car oil

Many crucial causes can lead to oil thirst

3. High speed of fluid eating

Not only oil, fluid is essential for the car. You need to refill all kinds of fluid every 3 - 4 month. But if you need to do this every month and there is still something dry to their bone, then the engine is surely to break down. It is just the matter of time.

4. Strange smoke

It is always a big problem speaking of car smoke. There are many failures that could lead to smokes and they are usually distinguished by the smoke color.

Blue one going out of the tailpipe means that oil is being burnt which is bad for oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. On the other hand, the tailpipe will flush out heavy white smoke due to coolant fluid being burnt. Besides, cracked cylinder head or transmission fluid being burnt can cause the same situation. Another common smoke color is black. This is the sign warning your car could catch fire more easily than usual. It’s good for brand new cars but is not good news for an extremely old one. Also, failure of computer system can also flush black smoke. Whatever the case is, the car need checking immediately before too late.

Car smoke

Car smoke can show your car's ​heath condition

5. Bad timing belt

The timing belt ensures the proper movement of the pistols and the cylinders. Without a properly functioning timing belt, those pistols and cylinders will collide and cause terrible sounds. It can be worse that they could make the engine totally stuck and that means new engine is required. Of course, price for a brand new engine is often not really affordable. Knowing the timing belt lifetime and replacing it if needed are one of the musts. Sadly, it's useless in car your car is too old.

6. Metal rust

a rusty car

Rust on old cars is inevitable

In some crucial parts of the car, manufacturers always design the metal frames or container to make the car strong enough to resist metal rust. But with too old cars, rust on these parts is inevitable. Metal on other parts such as panels and fenders can be easily replaced if they are worn out. But it is not the same story with that of important items. Imagine the metal on such parts is rotten, a single quake could break down the car frame, not to speak of serious crashes.

7. Dead front suspensions

If you are driving like you are riding, additionally the wheels creak and crack every time you turn then the front suspensions are in high damage. All related components such as shocks, ball joint and tie rods will also have to take the damage. If they are not maintained in time, consequences will be worse than it is supposed to. Decent fixing will give you more time with your time in this case.

8. Bad transmission

Someday, transmission will get tired and start to slip. Some people likely neglect this situation, they actually just let it roll. This is exactly a bad habit that accidentally shorten the life expectancy of transmission. So, in stead of prolonging the suffer of the transmission, what you should do is to replace new one or ... buy a new car.

Finally, we would fully appreciate your patience if you are not giving up your old car. You may have spent a lot of money, tried tons of methods and replaced thousands of devices. If your car can make it, congratulations! But if it can’t, it truly bad news that it is time for you to let your car rest in peace. You can definitely be proud that it has fulfilled its duty very well all those years.

Whether you love your car or not, it is obvious that your car can’t last forever. Sometimes you can make it last longer, but sometimes unfortunately you can’t. We hope with this article, you will know when to keep trying and when to give up. In passing, if you want to find more useful car tips and advice on Philkotse.com, please click here.