The most popular driving schools in Laguna: Courses, fees, etc

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In order to aid you in your quest to learn how to drive, we have listed the most popular driving schools in Laguna, with details on their courses, fees and more!

1. Smart Driving School - San Pedro Branch – 1570 National Highway, Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro

  • Smart Driving San Pedro Branch – 1570 National Highway, Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro, Laguna - Tel: (02) 800 1210
  • Smart Driving Santa Rosa Branch – 9199 Purok National Highway, Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna - Tel: (049) 530 0453
  • Smart Driving Biñan Branch – 100 A Malvar, Brgy San Vicente, Biñan, Laguna - Tel: (049) 543-5783
  • Smart Driving Vista Mall Branch – Vista Mall, Sta. Rosa, Laguna - Tel: (049) 530-0708


Seeing that Smart Driving School is one of the largest and most established driving schools in the Philippines, it is no surprise that it becomes a popular driving school in Laguna. For Laguna alone, Smart has four branches; there’s one in San Pedro, one in Sta. Rosa, and one in Biñan and another in Vista Mall which is also in Sta Rosa.

As such, student drivers from Laguna will have no problem at all in accessing Smart Driving School’s wide array of training vehicles, their comfortable branch offices, and of course; their very professional and very patient instructors.

It’s also worth mentioning that Smart has a lot of certifications and awards under their belt and that they have partnerships with very recognizable entities like Isuzu Philippines, Maynilad, the Australian Embassy, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Red Bull, and many others.

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A picture of the Smart Driving School in Laguna

Smart Driving School located in Biñan Laguna

Courses and Fees

Regular Manual Course
Manual Special Course
Manual Smart Course
Sedan Automatic Course
Toyota Innova Automatic Course
Toyota Fortuner/Mitsubishi Montero Automatic Course
Sedan Automatic Course

Note that we’ve only listed here the base price of a Smart Driving School course. Like most driving schools, the length of a training session also dictates the amount you have to pay. To learn more about their pricing details, please refer to our in-depth Smart Driving School Review.

Pros and Cons

As with any large business with a lot of branches, it is inevitable that the kind of service you will experience will vary. With Smart Driving School’s branches in Laguna though, their staff as well as their instructors are polite, professional and are very patient even with anxious learners.

What one should remember however is that because of their popularity, we advise those who would want to learn how to drive with Smart Driving School to contact them ahead of time to schedule your sessions. You wouldn’t want to end up waiting on a bench for your turn on the training vehicle would you?

2. A-1 Driving School - SM City Sta. Rosa, Ground Floor

  • Conventry Bldg., CalambaConventry Bldg., National Hi-way, Calamba Crossing, Calamba (near Jollibee) - Tel: +6349.545.2280
  • Madison Square, San Pedro Stall no. 2 Madison Square, Landayan, San Pedro (near Pizza Hut and Chowking) - Tel: +6349.868.4110
  • Old National Hi-Way, Biñan, Old National Hi-way, Tulay Bato, Brgy. San Antonio, Biñan (in front of Seaoil) - Tel: +63933.136.1898
  • Paseo De Sta. Rosa, Paseo De Sta. Rosa, Unit A23, SRCM Phase 2 (behind Cabalen and Yellow Cab) - Tel: +63933.925.7850
  • SM City Calamba SM City Calamba, 3rd Floor (in front of Let’s Face It) - Tel: +6349.530.0236
  • SM City Sta. Rosa, SM City Sta. Rosa, Ground Floor (in front of China Bank) - Tel: +63932.403.5907


A-1 Driving is possibly one of the oldest driving schools in the Philippines and in the present day, they also have the widest reach at around 80 branches nationwide.

In Laguna alone, A-1 has six branches; two in Sta. Rosa, one in Biñan, one in San Pedro and two in Calamba. As such, people from Laguna who would want to avail of their excellent driving courses will definitely have no problems finding an A-1 branch in a convenient location for them.

It is also worth mentioning that A-1 Driving not only offers great regular driving lessons but they also have some interesting and quite unique courses in their arsenal.

They can teach you how to drive a bus or a truck, they can teach more experienced drivers advanced maneuvers, they can teach you how to drive off-road and many others.

Also, A-1 Driving is accredited by both the Land Transportation Office and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA. A-1 is also a member of the Safety Organization of the Philippines and the National Safety Council.

A picture of an A-1 Driving school branch in San Pedro Laguna

An A-1 Driving branch located in Madison's Square, San Pedro, Laguna

Courses and Fees

Course Name
Starting Price
Premium Course
Executive Course
Rush Course
Training Center Course
Car Maintenance 101

Take note dear readers that A-1, like most driving schools in Laguna, have different prices for different lengths of training sessions. For this article, we only listed the prices for the shortest available length.

If you want more details about their courses and their respective prices, you can also check our A-1 Driving School in-depth Review.

Pros and Cons

Being that we’re talking about Laguna here, A-1 can provide access to ALL their training vehicles and their related training courses.

Also with regards to those special courses that we’ve mentioned before, people from Laguna can also take advantage of those and it’s pretty appropriate seeing that Laguna has a very large car culture community.

Take note though that despite having six branches in Laguna, A-1 by virtue of their popularity will have a lot of student drivers. As such, we highly advise those who want to enroll in their driving school to call ahead of time to schedule your sessions.

3. Southern Tagalog Driving School - Brgy. Halang, 4027, Calamba, Laguna

Address: Brgy. Halang, 4027, Calamba, Laguna

Tel: (049) 502 8759


Founded by Mr. Emilion Rodriguez in 1989, the Southern Tagalog Driving School is a very old and very established business. It’s accredited by the Land Transportation Office and they now have two branches; one in Los Baños, Laguna and one in Calamba, Laguna.

Like most driving schools, Southern Tagalog Driving School (STDS) emphasizes defensive driving, awareness of traffic laws and regulations and being a well-rounded, courteous, and patient driver.

Southern Tagalog Driving School training vehicle

A Southern Tagalog Driving School training vehicle parked near their office

Courses and Fees

Calamba Rate
Los Baños Rate
Beginner Courses
(Intended for students with zero knowledge in driving)
15h (2h/day)
Manual: P7,650
Automatic: P14,500
Manual: P7,800
Automatic: P14,500
10h (2h/day)
Manual: P5,300
Automatic: P9,600
Manual: P5,500
Automatic: P9,600
Refresher Courses
(For students with prior driving knowledge who wants to review or update his/her driving skills)
7h (3-4h/ day of actual driving lessons)
Manual: P3,780
Automatic: P7,300
Manual: P4,000
Automatic: P7,300
5h (2-3h/day of actual driving lessons)
Manual: P2,800
Automatic: P5,150
Manual: P2,950
Automatic: P5,150
Executive Beginner Course
(With pick-up and drop-off from your choice of location)
10h (2h/day of actual driving lesson)
Manual: P10,100
Automatic: P13,900
Manual: P10,100
Automatic: P13,900
Executive Refresher Course
 - With pick-up and drop-off from your choice of location
 - Requirements: Student driver’s permit or Non-Professional or Professional driver’s license
7h (2h/day of actual driving lesson)
Manual: P7,150
Automatic: P10,100
Manual: P7,150
Automatic: P10,100

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Pros and Cons

While smaller than the previous two other above driving schools in Laguna, STDS is by no means less capable in teaching you how to drive. In fact, they are pretty transparent in terms of their course structure and that said course structure appears to be very comprehensive. 

From their official website, you can view for yourself how their courses are taught; you start with vehicle familiarization and you end up with a review which a student driver’s skills will be put to the test in varied driving conditions.

In-between those, you will be taught a lot of skills all of which covers most if not all scenarios you will have to deal with in day to day driving.

One weakness of this driving school is that it appears that most of their training vehicles are comprised of sedans. Regardless, it has been noted from their Facebook page that their quality of service is top-notch. From their instructors, their branches, and their staff, there were no complaints at all.

So all in all, a solid and highly competent driving school.

List of LTO Renewal Centers in Laguna

LTO Office
Contact No.
Land Transportation Office Calamba
NIA Road, Brgy Uno,
Calamba, Laguna 4027
(049) 502 2228
LTO Arreza Town Center
Arreza Town Center, 154 Arreza Compound, Inner Rd, Biñan, Laguna
(049) 511 4215
DLRC Robinson’s Sta Rosa, LTO Region 4A
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Market, Manila S Road, Santa Rosa, Laguna
LTO Biñan District Office
Canlalay, Biñan City
(049) 511 4215

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A picture of the LTO renewal center within Robinson's Sta ROsa

The front of the LTO renewal center located at Robinson's Sta Rosa

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