The Guide to Parking at Naia Terminals: Rates, Advice & More

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The comprehensive guide to parking at Naia Terminal 2,3,4 will help you save time and effort in finding a parking lot whenever heading to the airport. Click now!

Every time I head to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (whether it's for a pick-up, drop off, or if I'm flying off somewhere), one of my biggest concerns is to find your car in a parking lot.

As the Greater Manila Area is one of the densest urban regions in the world, parking is a rare commodity; getting to the airport and missing your flight on account of scarce parking is the stuff of any traveler's nightmares. Thankfully, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is ready to take on the challenge.

Each terminal at NAIA now has its own dedicated paid parking space. These terminals share the same runway but are located at different points of the city. We would often take advantage of their services and park my car whenever we go on a trip, so we'd like to share some tips about these services and their corresponding rates.

Therefore, Here is the complete guide for parking at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, brought by

1. Parking at Naia Terminal 1

NAIA Terminal 1 operates most of the international flights arriving at and departing from the capital. It consists of an upper level for departures and a lower one for arrivals while hosting boarding gates 1 to 7, 9 to 12 and 14 to 16.

NAIA Terminal 1 facade

NAIA Terminal 1 primarily serves international flights

There are three car parks in Terminal 1, with Carpark A located right across and at level with the arrivals area, making it very accessible to and from the terminal. Right at the side facing the terminal, you will find Carpark B. 

There's also Carpark C where there are fewer people as it's a bit further back and may take you just a couple of minutes walk, but it's also an option.

These are all open-air parking areas, so expect your car to be all dusty or muddy depending on the weather. Fees start at P40 for the first three hours, with an additional P15 charge for every succeeding hour.

In case you'll be on an extended trip, overnight parking is available, and will set you back P300 for the first 24 hours with an additional P15 for every succeeding hour beyond.

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2. Parking at Naia Terminal 2

NAIA Terminal 2 was also named the Centennial Terminal to commemorate the country’s 100th year of the declaration of independence, and it serves both international and domestic flights. It is a six-level complex that has both a North wing for international flights and a South wing for local flights.

Parking in NAIA terminal 2

Terminal 2 has six levels for arrival and departure

It has two options for the parking lots; Car Park 1 is located right across the terminal concourse, giving you direct access to the structure. If parking is full, you can head on over to Car Park 2. Just keep in mind that like in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 parking is also out in the open, so your car will be exposed to the elements while you’re gone.

Three first hour parking fee is P40, with an additional P15 for every next hour. Overnight parking at Naia Terminal 2 is also available for P300 for the first 24 hours and an additional P15 for every succeeding hour. 

3. Parking at Naia Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is the newest and largest of all the terminals at NAIA, primarily overseeing international flights. It can handle 13 million passengers yearly, and has a footbridge that connects right to Newport City in Resorts World Manila, right across Andrews Ave. in Pasay.

Overnight parking in Naia Terminal 3

Overnight parking in Naia Terminal 3 is available for all drivers

There are two convenient areas for parking in NAIA Terminal 3: an open-air parking section right in front of the terminal arrivals area, and a multi-level parking facility that's covered to protect your car from the elements.

As with the other two terminals, The Naia Terminal 3 parking rates 2019 is P40 for the first three hours and an additional P15 for every succeeding hour. Overnight parking at Naia Terminal 3 will charge the drivers P300 for the first 24 hours and PhP15 for every hour that follows.

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4. Parking at Naia Terminal 4

NAIA Terminal 4 is the oldest domestic airport and was once known as the Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal. It was constructed in 1948 after World War 2, and at present is an exclusively domestic terminal hub that serves smaller budget airlines.

NAIA Terminal 4

NAIA Terminal 4 is the oldest terminal 

Right across the street, you'll find Parking Lot B, a rather small lot with limited slots (strangely enough, there's no Parking Lot A). Luckily the Salem Commercial Complex is just a few steps away, ready for your parking needs in case Lot B gets filled up.

Parking in NAIA Terminal 4 costs you P40 for the first three hours and P15 for every succeeding hour. For overnight parking at NAIA Terminal 4, charges start at P300 for the first 24 hours and P15 for every succeeding hour. The Salem Complex parking should have similar rates.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen; there’s no need to feel stressed whenever you drive over to the airport. Hopefully, with these useful car tips and advice on, you can impress your friends with your mastery of the surrounding parking areas like a pro.

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